Firstly, I wanted to state this isn’t a traditional G.O.A.T debate this is a greatest athlete of all time based on a survey in which we asked 50 people to fill out a Cross Sport G.O.A.T Bracket and we based the order of these rankings on your consensus and thoughts. We told voters that they could use any bias premise they like, and greatest athlete can mean anything they want it to mean from greatest pure athlete, greatest social impact, greatest in sport dominance, or even simply if you got to pick someone’s career to have a replica of, out of everyone’s who’s would you want. The last part of that was important in many people’s decision on who the greatest athlete of all time is. We then recorded everyone’s answers and listened to their reasoning and complied these arguments.



24. Dale Earnhardt – 57 Points

Reasoning For: There wasn’t a ton of reasoning being made for Earnhardt as the greatest athlete of all time, and really, he was just put in this bracket to give a fair shake to all sports. However, if we must make an argument on why he is the greatest athlete ever it would be the fact he is tied for the most Winston Cup championships with Richard Petty at 9 and is one of the most famous athletes of all time. Especially in his sport and this is for his success on the track and for a horrendous tragedy ending his career and life.


Reasoning Against: He just doesn’t have the same general impact and career accomplishments that some of these other athletes have. Also, him not receiving more votes can honestly just be because of the people who were polled. Either way he’s not really in the G.O.A.T conversation but to have him on the list is still we still thought was important.

# Of Top 3 Votes: 0


23. Jim Brown – 57 Points

Reasoning For: The reasoning for Brown was more social impact and legacy for NFL athletes then it was people saying he was dominant. He did only play 9 NFL seasons however and averaged 1,368 Yards per season during his career. The Browns also had the only successful years of their franchise under him in which they won 1 championship (1964) and got second place in two other years. Meaning Jim Brown took the Browns to the Super Bowl 3 out 9 NFL seasons, the best percentage among NFL Running Backs All-Time. (Emmitt Smith helped the Cowboys get to and win 3 Super Bowls over his 15-year career)


Reasoning Against: He isn’t the best running back all time, and the discussion isn’t close. What he did socially though had some impact and we felt the need to put him on this list over greater athletes at his position.

# Of Top 3 Votes: 0


22. Lance Armstrong – 57 Points

Reasoning For: The most successful cyclist of all time, having won the Tour de France a record 7 consecutive years basically giving a name and bringing the biggest spotlight to the sport in its history. He was huge for his sport while absolutely dominating it, the only issue it was all for not. After Lance Armstrong left; the sport hasn’t been the same, and that goes a long way for his argument in history.


Reasoning Against: All his medals were stripped as Lance Armstrong was caught cheating, this should have kept him further down the list and the only reason he even got past the first round was we made sure to survey Lebron Haters to even out the results. Also, he may not even belong on this list at all but again we wanted to represent as many sports as possible in this debate.

# Of Top 3 Votes: 0


21. Rodger Federer – 59 Points

Reasoning For: The greatest champion in tennis history having won 20 grand slam titles, and 6 ATP Finals, to go with 99 career wins and counting. He is absolutely dominate in a sport that seems fans care little about, so it would make sense that many others are higher than him on this list. His argument though is rock solid as one of the greatest champions of our life time and depending on the group of people you poll, he could be much higher on many lists.

 Reasoning Against: I think the biggest argument against him is really he drew a lousy seed going into this as all the names above him on this list are either more popular or I felt more deserving in that moment. His first-round match-up he drew Floyd Mayweather, and he’s simply just no match for 50-0 in most voters’ minds regardless of what he accomplished.

# Of Top 3 Votes: 1 3rd Place Finish


20. Barry Bonds – 70 Points

Reasoning For: He holds the single season home run record and the All-Time Career home runs record in a sport that was always desperate for scoring and flair he provided it. The 14x all star provided home runs his whole career and even though he never a World Series he did hit 4 Home Runs out of a record 14 hit by a San Francisco in a loss.


Reasoning Against: He is another known cheater having used steroids during his career and that takes away some from his standing and honestly shocks me that he finished with as many points and top 3 finishes as Ruth, especially since he drew Jordan in the first round of the bracket.

# Of Top 3 Votes: 1 3rd Place Finish


19. Babe Ruth – 70 Points

Reasoning For: The greatest baseball player in history with one of the most famous careers and names in the sports history. He was and still is baseball, and the only person who took Ruth over Jordan believes he was more important to his sport and would rather be the greatest baseball player, than possibly the greatest basketball player. Also 7 is greater than 6 and Ruth won 7 world Series Championship and was voted athlete of the century by the Associated Press.


Reasoning Against: He plays baseball and was lined up right off the bat against Michael Jordan who dominated this match-up despite Ruth’s legacy. Meaning most believe other sports accomplishments and social standings to be greater than those accomplished in baseball. No other reason to have him so low other than the fact he may have gotten the worst first round match-up facing Jordan.

# Of Top 3 Votes: 1 2nd Place Finish


18. Wilt Chamberlain – 73 Points

Reasoning For: One of the greatest individual basketball players of all time, and if you could copy his career and stats into this era, you’d be the biggest star on the planet. Once averaging 50 points per game for an ENTIRE season, to go along with 48.5 Minutes per game. (Meaning he essentially played every minute of every game plus overtime) If that isn’t one of the greatest athletes of all time, then I don’t know what is.


Reasoning Against: He didn’t win a ton of team championships and played in an era that many will highly discredit his competition on a nightly basis and rightfully so. Every time he played any competition in the likes of Bill Russell he wasn’t nearly as successful.

# Of Top 3 Votes: 0


17. Usain Bolt – 74 Points

Reasoning For: The fastest man on the planet and most decorated runner in Olympic history. The argument almost writes itself, as Bolt is a perfect 9-0 winning Gold Medals in every event, he has competed in. Being undefeated, holding records, and unanimously known as the fastest man on the planet makes him an easy selection.  


Reasoning Against: One of his medals was stripped for a teammate doping incident, but that isn’t exactly a huge asterisk on his more than stellar career. I think the biggest argument against him, was many voters took Deion Sanders over Bolt In the first round on his ability to play multiple sports. Bolt while playing some professional soccer hasn’t shown the ability to be anything other than fastest man alive. But I mean that’s not much of an argument at that.

# Of Top 3 Votes: 1 1st Place Vote, 1 2nd Place Vote


16. Edson Arantes “Pele” – 76 Points

Reasoning For: Messi is the reason so many people wear #10 today, and Pele is the Reason Messi wears #10. During his time with Brazil he won 3 World Cups, the most by any player while scoring 77 goals in 92 games for them. Many still consider him greatest Soccer player ever during our survey.


Reasoning Against: Popularity, this poll being conducted in with most of the audience being U.S. based Pele may not have gotten a fair shake because I can’t be sure every single person knew who Pele was when they were polled. I did attempt to get as many people from other countries and interests as possible to assure and array of different answers.

# Of Top 3 Votes: 3 2nd Place Votes


15. Kobe Bryant – 76 Points

Reasoning For: Won 5 NBA Championships all with one franchise, he didn’t have to attempt to stack the odds or chase rings and he will forever have many fans that will still consider him the greatest basketball player of all-time. He is also 3rd All-Time in scoring having surpassed Jordan by roughly 1,400 points. He also put on the best scoring display since Wilt when he torched the Raptors for 81 points.


Reasoning Against: He played with Shaq, who is also one of the most dominant basketball players in history. However, after they departed, he did go on two win 2 more rings and 2 Finals MVPs, while only receiving one MVP award in 2008.

# Of Top 3 Votes: 2 2nd Place Votes 3 3rd Place Votes


14. Kareem Abdul-Jabar – 79 Points

Reasoning For: He’s still the leading scorer in NBA history as of right now and won 6 NBA championships and the most NBA MVP awards in NBA history. He’s the best big man of all-time as far as legacy is concerned and he was a political activist all throughout his time playing basketball. Kareem having played a 20-year long NBA career is an argument we could put on both sides of this discussion, but we will use it in his favor as he played a long NBA career, which isn’t easy to do. Also, what really bodes well for his case is if you got pick either 6 rings, 6 MVP’s, and all-time leading scorer in NBA history how could you not?


Reasoning Against: One of his championships he went out injured and Magic Johnson helped save the day in his rookie season by switching and starting at center in Kareem’s place. That doesn’t bode well for his case of being the greatest basketball player or Laker of All-Time let alone athlete.

# Of Top 3 Votes: 0


13. Jerry Rice – 88 Points

Reasoning For: The All-Time greatest wide receiver in NFL history who won 3 NFL Super Bowls while having 5 seasons where he caught 15 or more TD’s. He also holds the NFL record by more than 300 receptions and 6,900 yards over the next closest WR to him in NFL history. Absolutely dominating his position in stats as well as the competition, while being the greatest champion the position has known.


Reasoning Against: He has one of the greatest Quarterbacks even throwing him the ball, he also isn’t even the greatest football player to ever play. Although if you key in on the word athlete many knock Brady as well for not being the same sort of pure athlete as the rest of the men (and woman) on this list.

# Of Top 3 Votes: 0


12. Serena Williams – 90 Points

Reasoning For: The greatest female athlete of all time, she has 23 of her 31 Grand Slam Titles. She has beaten 12 #1 ranked tennis players in her route to her championships, constantly beating the odds and doubters wrong who almost seemingly devalue her ranking for political or personal reasons. Serena has proved time and time again she’s the best Women’s Tennis player on the planet. She is also a symbol and icon with an entire community, race, and country for her consistent efforts and victories on and off the tennis court.


Reasoning Against: This is remarkably high for Serena; however, many believe her having the distinction of greatest female athlete doesn’t exactly make her the greatest athlete. This was one of the more controversial opinions out of the players named as some game her praise and others felt she shouldn’t even be on the list just because she is female. This is an example of one of the many comments Serena has been facing her entire career, without even mentioning race and other bigger topics.

# Of Top 3 Votes: 2 2nd Place Votes, 1 3rd Place Vote


11. Deion Sanders – 91 Points

Reasoning For: One of the best athletes of all time that successfully played in two different major sports, one being a sport that requires technical skill and immense coordination and the other that is one of the most physically demanding and violent sports there is. Having batted in over 160 runs to go along with 32 Home Runs, Sanders had a decent baseball career but a Hall of Fame worthy NFL career as a CB for the Cowboys. Having been a part of 2 Super Bowl wins with two of the greatest franchises in sports history (Cowboys, 49ers)


Reasoning Against: He wasn’t the biggest reason for the Cowboy’s super bowl wins, and he plays a position that isn’t as relevant and “fun”. He also may not even be the best corner let alone defensive player or football player all time, and his reasoning for even being included in the bracket was because of he played pro in 2 major leagues.

# OF Top 3 Votes: 1 1st Place Vote, 1 3rd Place Vote


Top 10 Greatest Athletes Of All-Time





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