Day: December 19, 2018


G.O.A.T Cross Sport Athlete Edition

Firstly, I wanted to state this isn’t a traditional G.O.A.T debate this is a greatest athlete of all time based on a survey in which we asked 50 people to fill out a Cross Sport G.O.A.T Bracket and we based the order of these rankings on your consensus and thoughts. We told voters that they could use any bias premise they like, and greatest … Read More G.O.A.T Cross Sport Athlete Edition


Pusha-T – DAYTONA (Album Review & Stream)

‘DAYTONA’ is a complete project that makes you wish it was a 14- track project rather than seven but at the same time you appreciate Kanye and Pusha-T’s decision to keep it short and sweet. Some critics say Push shows a lack of evolution. I think it depends on perspective. Push sticking to what he knows works!