Bol Bol is one of the most polarizing players in college basketball today, and despite this he is not ranked in the top 5 in most mock drafts. Bol Bol is a 7 foot center who has guard like skills and seems like he could be the next unicorn poised to become an NBA star in a long line of recent picks including Joel Embiid and Kristaps Porzingis.

There are many reasons that Bol Bol should be considered for the number one overall selection in next years draft, hes not a generational athlete like Zion Williamson, but his elite skill for his size make him a truly special player. Bol Bol has the length, three point shooting, and defensive instincts to become a star at the next level.


Bol Bol is the Mo Bamba of this years draft in terms of length, he has extraordinary length and wingspan that makes his ability with the ball in his hands even more impressive. Bol is a player that has other worldly size, he should have the ability at the next level to use his skill on both ends of the floor.

Three Point Shooting

Bol is an exemplary three point shooter as a player over 7 feet, he has had more than one game where he has hit more than one three. Bol has the combination of size and shooting that make him a player that could be special.

This skill has become more and more common for bigs but with the ball handling skills he possesses combined with his shooting, he can be a great offensive player.

Defensive Instincts

Bol can be a pesky player on the defensive end as well, his size combined with keen instincts, he is capable of blocking and altering shots and can switch because he is faster for a big man. When Bol is drafted his defense could be his greatest asset.

Whether or not Bol is the number one pick or picked in the later lottery, he is a player that at the next level could find more success than anyone in this draft.

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