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Liangelo Ball, The former JBA and Chino Hills star now stands at a crossroads, with a multitude of options now being weighed upon to see where his career will land next. Gelo has had an interesting year in 2018, starting in Lithuania, only to leave and join his father’s JBA league to try and impress NBA teams, after the JBA Gelo decided to join the JBA USA tour, traveling Europe and playing against pro teams from various leagues, and now he is in the dark, waiting to pounce on the next opportunity he can find.

Liangelo Ball is a scorer by nature, it is what he does, but a player needs more than scoring, he has to go to an environment where he can evolve the other aspects of his game. Passing, rebounding, and defense must be improved if Gelo ever hopes to play in the NBA, which at this point he seems so far away from. Here we way his options and the likelihood each option could actually happen.

NBA G-League

The G-League is the best option Gelo could possibly have, he would be playing against some of the best professionals basketball has to offer, right below the level of the NBA, he could have his pick of environment and adapt his game to the level it would need to be at t get an NBA call-up. That being said Liangelo put his name out into the G-League pool of players over a month ago now and has not received any word since then about playing in the league.

It does seem at this point that G-League may not happen for the young shooting guard, and though it could be the very best thing for his budding career, it might not be possible for him

Conclusion: Very Unlikely


European Teams

This is the next best option for Gelo, and a more realistic one as well. First, he has experience playing in Europe, in Lithuania, and he has proven he can excel playing against top European competition during his time with Lithuania and with the JBA USA squad as well. Gelo will have to prove he can beat the best players Europe has to offer if he wants to play in the NBA, so he will strive to find a team in the Euroleague or a top league in Europe to latch on with.

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Conclusion: Somewhat Likely


Future JBA Oppertunities

Unfortunately for Gelo and all his fans, this seems to be the most likely scenario for him. After the JBA season many questioned what the JBA USA tour could help him with in particular and despite this he went anyway. Gelo has been a part of the JBA for a long time now and for him, it is not the best path. He now has to strive to go beyond the JBA, which is the leagues true purpose, to have young professionals find future opportunities through the league. Purhaps Gelo realizes this now and will look elsewhere to further his career, but he may not know its time he moves on.

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Conclusion: Very Likely

For Gelo, he is at a crossroads, what he does now could define the rest of his career, he must take this opportunity to find a true challenge. He may or may not know what he will do next, and until it is announced all we can do is wait and see what challenge the young star takes on next.


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