Lonzo Balls defense has been excellent so far to start this season. But just how good has he been against opposing guards on a nightly basis? Well to answer that we will have to take a closer look at what Ball is doing both in and out of the box score. Before we get into the numbers id like to say Lonzo Ball is picking up a first team all defense nod and it isn’t even the end of December, if he shuts down Curry on Christmas Day Twitter may explode and help make him the DPOY in the process. Now his stats from a box score perspective don’t always scream DPOY as he is only averaging 1.5 STLS and 0.3 BLKS, But when you start peaking at the FG% of Opposing PG’s on a nightly basis you’ll notice a trend that it just simply isn’t easy to get free on Lonzo Ball. Now Lonzo and Lavar Ball haters like to bring up that he has teammates and so on, and of course his teammates help him. But at the moment opposing teams PG’s are shoot over 20% better from the floor when Ball isn’t guarding them or on the bench.

Currently NBA Point Guards are shooting 97-311 (31.19%) against Lonzo Ball, and at first there was this growing notion that he was only locking up scrubs and couldn’t do it against quality players. Since that point in time we have kept track of every shot attempt and defensive play of Lonzo Ball and it seems the better the competition gets the better his defensive intensity gets, and over his last 4 games he has played 3 All-Stars (Paul, Walker, Dragic) and held them too 4-26 (15.38%) FG% all But silencing his critics, and over the next 9 games he will play
-John Wall
–De’Angelo Russell
-Jrue Holiday
-Mike Conley
-Steph Curry
-De’Aron Fox
-Patrick Beverley
-De’Aron Fox
-Russell Westbrook

This will be a perfect opportunity for him to continue to prove doubters wrong, as he will get to play a premier offensive point guard on a nightly basis with an interesting defensive matchup with Beverley thrown into the mix for good measure. By January second not only could Lonzo Ball have 1st team all defense more than locked up but he may be on his own to putting a legitimate case for DPOY.

To dive into the numbers a little further, Lonzo Ball is now averaging 1.5 STLS and has seen his numbers and defense increase drastically with the amount of time he is on the Court. Over the last 7 games he is averaging 2.57 STLS, i bring this up because he has continued to gain the confidence of Lebron and Luke Walton as his play time has increased to the point where on most nights you will see him have more time in the court than Lebron James. Yes part of this is due to their injuries to Ingram, and Rondo. But really this is what i have been saying from the jump you have to do to make the Lakers and Lonzo most successful. Play him heavy minutes and see if he doesn’t do the little things all game long to help the Lakers Win. Right now the Lakers are 9-3 when Lonzo Ball plays 30+ Minutes, while they are 9-8 when he plays less than 30 minutes. Simply put he is doing everything for the Lakers to be successful most nights but score the basketball. Last season Dejounte Murray was 1st Team Defense while averaging 1.4 STLS 0.4 BLKS, Lonzo Ball can easily stay ahead of those basic statistical categories as well as the growing hype of his defensive prowess is taking the league and media by storm with a few more marquee defensive matchups and a slate full of a national TV games Lonzo Ball May find himself receiving many DPOY votes and not just a 1st Team All Defense nod. 53DA9C27-0642-47E4-848D-64C82D07DEBF.jpeg

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