Parker the 2nd overall pick in the 2014 draft found himself allowed to walk right of Milwaukee this off-season after suffering an array of injuries that plagued the start of a promising career. Parker a hometown hero having played at Simeon with Isaiah Moss and other notable athletes, much like another Simeon legend Derrick Rose, Parker went home to the comforts of Chicago as he signed with the Bulls this off-season. Only it wasn’t going to feel like home for long as it seems the Bulls are mishandling another Chicago born star and native, Parker didn’t have the start to his career that Rose has had however. But a few short years later and Rose has rehabbed from injuries and grown as a player, and in many ways even became a better version of himself. This is what i fear the Bulls are about to do yet again, they signed and committed 20 million to Parker this off-season and now they are trying to find a way to remove Parker from the rotation and soon enough possibly the team altogether if they can find a trade to match his salary.
The Bulls are handling this wrong and attempting to give up a player who’s averaging career highs in Rebounding while having his 2nd best season in multiple statistical categories as well, all while playing less minutes than in previous seasons. His FG% hasn’t been great to start the year, but it isn’t a regression of talent or skill. Shots are harder to come by when your not playing with Giannis, Middleton, Bledsoe and a playoff bound Bucks team. Being one of the best players on Chicago this season, and not having anyone who requires a true double team allows for defenses to play tighter, resulting in his lower FG%. But mark my words Jabari Parker is the real deal and the Bucks, Bulls, and any other franchise who lets this man walk away is only hurting themselves. I will remind everyone he’s only 23 years of age and just getting started, the Bulls will regret the way they treated him in a few years.

Jabari Parker is currently averaging 15.2 Points, 6.9 Rebounds, and 2.3 Assists on 45.5 FG%


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