It seems the JBA will no longer be going as originally imagined. In season 2 of the JBA it seems Lavar and the JBA is planning on doubling down on their international tour. As they plan to have another open tryout, followed by an international tour coming this next spring. What this means for Gelo and JBA fans is they will be getting even more basketball and will get to see all of their favorite JBA Stars who make the team.

However this hurts the fans who were invested into the league itself, and the players like Greg Floyd Jr. who was removed from the JBA USA international team, but is in contract with the JBA for another year that he can’t get out of without paying a fee. This comes with the JBA apparently canceling their season in favor of an international tour that saw greater attenandce and fan fair due to the built in audience of the teams that JBA USA played.

This would solve Liangelo’s need to get back on the court sooner rather than later. Also sticking with the international tour would allow for players to play against better competition on a nightly basis going up against pro teams of different age and skill levels. I was under the impression the JBA was planning something big and planning to expand, and maybe they’ve got some plans for what we will see the international team do in 2019. But as of now this is a blow to JBA fans, players, and hopefuls.

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