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Spire Academy’s next two games will be coming by way of the fourth annual Emerald Coast 16 tournament, held in Florida, where Spire will take on both Potter’s House (12/19/18) and West Oaks (12/21/18), both teams who base out of Florida as well. Lamelo Ball and his team mates at the very least will get a good workout in these games as the teams they are playing are no slouches. Each game will provide Spire yet another opportunity to prove their dominance at the high school level no matter who they are playing.

Potter’s House

Potter’s House are currently sitting at 2-7 heading into the Emerald Coast 16 tournament and will surely be looking to find their feet as a ball club in the tournament, for Potter’s House a victory against Spire is highly unlikely, as they lack the star power capable of taking down such a stacked Spire squad.

Potter’s House are not even in the same league as Spire as they are nationally ranked as the 9037th best high school basketball team in the country, if Potter’s House were to beat Spire something has gone horribly wrong for the overpowered Spire Academy squad.

West Oaks

West Oaks may at least provide an interesting game against Spire as they are certainly more talented than Potter’s House, they are nationally ranked 2205th and do have multiple players over 6’5″, which is certainly an encouraging sign. However, they still are not good enough to even stand a chance against Spire because they simply don’t have the talent to keep up, Spire have the best high school basketball player in the country in Lamelo Ball, as well as a future pro in Rocket Watts, and a 5 star recruit in Isaiah Jackson, Spire are simply to good to mess these games up.

West Oaks are sitting at 8-4 currently and have one player who catches the eye as very talented; a 6-7 freshmen forward, he may not be at the highest level now, but at his young age he could certainly be a name to remember for the future, Fray Dieud Nguimby.

Keys to Spire Wins

Focus is the key for Spire to take both victory’s in the Emerald Coast 16 next week, as they are simply on another level compared to who they are playing. All Spire must do to obtain to blowout victories is play as a team and allow their stars, namely Lamelo Ball play the brand of basketball that has made him beloved around the country.

Another key for Spire is that they don’t take these games lightly, despite the inferior competition, underestimating their opponent could cause Spire to lose one or both of these games. All Spire have to do is take their opponents seriously and play their brand of basketball and they should be fine.

Spire should have no difficulty beating these teams after taking down a much more talented Bella Vista squad just a few nights ago on national T.V., this will be a cakewalk for Spire Academy.


Lamelo is coming off of a game in which he did all of the things he usually does to make the game look easy to him, he was able to find all of the right passing lanes, score baskets both at the hoop and from behind the arc, and play great press defense as well. Lamelo Ball has found a new home where his game style and personality fit in perfectly, and next week at the Emerald Coast 16 that is bound to continue

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