For those curious about season two of the JBA you may have to wait a little longer to hear about if they will be holding tryouts, who will be the marquee player in season 2, or if Melo Ball will return. But what we can answer is without a doubt the JBA is here to stay, at least for a season 2.
We know this because Greg Floyd and a few others JBA players committed and were signed to two year deals.


Committing Greg Floyd Jr. and some other key stars to the JBA for a second season, this has allowed the JBA to retain some of their talent pool for season two but may not have been the best for development.
As players who are on these contracts aren’t allowed to play for another pro team.
So while Lamelo is off lighting up the High School ranks with Spire and Gelo still waiting for a call from the G-League or possibly overseas, the JBA and Gelo have a need to get back on the court sooner rather than later. Could we see Lavar expand the league like he promised? Or even the season? Will Season 2 start Before next summer, or will JBA fans, Greg Floyd JR, and others JBA athletes be waiting until this summer to be a meaningful game of basketball again?

With Lavar having met with Kanye in the past we speculated that he could be investing into the JBA, he even tweeted about Lamelo Ball being the JBA marquee athlete shortly after, further leading to our speculations of a future collaboration. Kanye even attended a JBA USA event in Belgium of all places. If this doesn’t lead to real thoughts that these two could be doing businesses than i don’t know what does. What that could mean is more money, cities, players, exposure, and eventually a better product as a result. Lavar and Alan work quick, with Alan Foster having said “we work quick at BBB, expect us to be huge in next 3-5 years” this was in response to me saying “that the JBA could be big within the next 5-10 years”.

So with confirmation of a second season through the JBA having multiple key prospects signed up for another season can assure JBA fans that they will be back.
And if that wasn’t enough how about a Facebook reply by JBA saying they will be back in 2019!


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