I keep seeing Shaq, Allen Iverson, and various fans make their All-Time Starting 5’s. And i decided to jump into this, now i want you to go look at my “Mount Rushmore” article or “Top 20 all time Players rankings” if you have a problem with this list. This isn’t the 5 best players of all time list, this is putting together a team that would beat any other team it faces. So without further adieu here is my Official All-Time Starting 5 assuming i don’t have to pick a player from all 5 traditional spots as neither Shaq in his jokingly reply, or Iverson did so.




Point Guard- Lebron James
Reasoning: I almost left Lebron off this all together as well for Magic Johnson. Because honestly who else in the history of the game would you want to run the point other than #32? But Lebron can do more things than any other basketball can and if he was on the opposing team and got hot with other stars who knows how that would shake out. Lebron was also a much better scorer throughout his career than Magic, and while you will have a team chopped full of other ways to score id pick Lebron James to get the job done.


NBA: NOV 12 Warriors at Clippers

LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 12: Golden State Warriors Forward Kevin Durant (35) reacts to missing a shot during a NBA game between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers on November 12, 2018 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Shooting Guard – Kevin Durant
Reasoning: In this instance i did take someone over Michael Jordan. How about the 7’0 monster who can step out to 35 feet? KD can do almost eveything Jordan can and then some Jordan can’t, like be 7’0 and the greatest shooter at his size probably in the history of the game. Now with both of my guards 6’8+ im setting my team up to be long defensively and still give myself plenty of spacing and ball movement. Durant does that better than Jordan, and has already shown a willingness to play with stars and let other stars get their points as well which would be good on a team like this where they could exploit any mismatch at any given moment.



Small Forward – Giannis Antetokoumpo
Reasoning: I’m not sure if you expected to see someone else at this spot, either Lebron James, Larry Bird, you name it, but even without projecting ahead to what Giannis will become ill only talk about what he is right now, and that’s a near 7 foot small forward with the ability to jump out of the gym. The NBA’s most important position is Small Forward and this isn’t just because all the best players seemingly play that position, no its because they have more the best combination of versatility, ability, and size on any given NBA team. So why not start 3 of them? Who is scoring on this team or getting a good 3 point shot off when they can switch eveything?



Power Forward – Dirk Nowitzki
Reasoning: After choosing 3 small forwards and one that is a shooting liability and Lebron (who could be one at times) who isn’t as good of a shooter as say a Steph Curry or others who you could have also put at point guard. This gives the All-Time Team the necessary shooting they need to space the floor while not taking away from their size. Also Tim Duncan may be the greatest PF of all time, but i hold Dirk Nowitzki in high regard and having 4 other defenders on the Court If were getting everyone in their primes id rather take the greatest offensive PF in history. This was also hard because i wanted to pick Davis for defense as well and he can step out and shoot the 3 but not like Dirk can, plus Dirk having that finals win over Lebron in the fashion he did really helps his resume for this.



Center – Shaquille O’Neal
Reasoning: The most dominant force and biggest mismatch of any era (excluding maybe Wilt) on any given night, his biggest curse was he couldn’t shoot free throws. While their point guard also wouldn’t be the best of shooters and one could argue if you start hacking away at those two you could get a win of sheer missed FT’s. But with the level of defense a Lebron-Durant-Giannis-Dirk-Shaq team could play each and every possession i wouldn’t think you have much of a chance trying to beat this team, especially if you didn’t have anyone from this team. You’d find it very hard to guard anyone on offense let alone on defense when your smallest defender is either 6’8 260 Lebron or 6’11 240 Durant. Good luck.

Compare The Teams

Curry Jordan Kobe Lebron Shaq


Curry Iverson Kobe Jordan Lebron


Lebron Durant Giannis Dirk Shaq


Your Team?
Can you make a team that can beat my all time starting 5? If so comment them below. (The only rule is you can’t use more than 1 player I have used)

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