Check out these rankings at the end of each month to see how players have affected their standings. By season end we will post highlights, stats, and reasoning for each players final position. 

1. James Harden
2. Jimmy Butler
3. Klay Thompson 

4. Victor Oladipo
5. DeMar Derozan
6. Bradly BeaL
7. CJ Mcollumn
8. Devin Booker
9. Donovan Mitchell
10. Jrue Holiday
11. Brandon Ingram
12. Luka Doncic 
13. Zach Lavine 
14. Danny Green
15. Tim Hardaway Jr.
16. Joe Harris
17. Andrew Wiggins
18. Gary Harris
19. JJ Reddick
20. Jaylen Brown 
21. Averey Bradely  
22. Nicolas Batum
23. Malcom Brogdon
24. Garrett Temple
25. Evan Fournier
26. Iman Shumpert
27. Reggie Bullock
28. Jeremy Lamb
29. Rodney McGruder 
30. Rodney Hood 


NBA Starting Point Guards 2018-19 Ranking


3 Comments on “2018-19 NBA Starting Shooting Guards Ranked

    • The reason we value Klay Thompson over James Harden, is if you went to all 30 NBa teams and asked each which played they’d rather have right now i think almost every team would choose Thompson. He fits in seamlessly into any style and play, doesn’t need the ball and can score 30+ plus points on less than 10 dribbles on any given night. He’s the perfect shooting guard for any NBA team, Harden has his own team and has had a chance to put his full game on display while Klay has not. He may be better at Klay at many things on the Court, but defense and shooting 3’s the two things i want my SG to do the most and do it well. The answer is Klay Thompson 10/10 for me.

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