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After Lamelo Ball’s first underwhelming outing back in High School he will look to bounce back tomorrow when Spire Academy take on Life Christian Academy. Spire took their last game 81-58 despite Lamelo’s poor performance because Rocket Watts carried the team, scoring 27 points in the win. Lamelo is sure to make a comeback in a big way tomorrow as he is not the type of player who has long cold stretches. Spire will play Life Christian Academy tomorrow at Virginia State University at 7 pm.

Despite his first underwhelming game, Lamelo Ball is currently averaging 20 points, 9 boards, and 11 assists, with four triple doubles in his first seven games back in high school, he is nearly on track to average a triple double this season, which many expect he will do at the end of the year.

Life Christian Academy is currently sitting at 3-0 so this game may be the biggest challenge yet for the Spire Academy squad. With Life Christian Academy undefeated this season this game is a great platform for Lamelo Ball to bounce back in as well.

Life Christian Academy added a 6’7″ transfer student to their roster this season named Logan Washington, they also have talent like Antonio Bridy, and Marchelus Avery who are all considered very good players and should be watched closely in tomorrows game.

Rocket Watts has become a star for Spire in recent weeks and will need to put on another show for Spire to get the win tomorrow, he will surely have his eye on scoring the basketball, which has become his specialty. With Spire they have one player who excels in each area which creates a great balance on the team, Rocket Watts as the scorer, Isaiah Jackson as the rebounder and defensive prodigy, and Lamelo Ball as the passer. Of course each of these players are so good that they can do it all, especially Lamelo, but they each have one area that they are so great at it makes Spire nearly unstoppable.


Because of the unique talent each player on Spire has it’s no wonder that they won by 23 points in a game where their best player did not perform to the best of his ability. Tomorrow at 7 pm Spire will face off against Life Christian Academy in a game that will prove just how good Spire can be this season.

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