Gordon starting to look like the AllStar that he is. ⭐️ ☘️πŸ’ͺ🏻

On Saturday December 1st, Celtics Vs Timberwolves. Gordon Hayward had a MAJOR stat line that impressed Celtics fans and also NBA fans around the league. He was on Triple Double Alert 🚨 in the 3rd quarter, finished the game with 30 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists.

Gordon Hayward even went down in Celtics/NBA History after his big night @ Timberwolves.

After the devastating injury that occurred in the very 1st game last season vs the Cleveland Cavaliers Hayward’s return has been shaky. It has been so shaky that Brad Stevens took him out of the starting lineup, just to get him back into his game off of the bench. It has definitely worked, and Hayward will return to the starting 5 sooner than later. He’s definitely easing his way back, I wouldn’t rush him back into the lineup just yet but he’ll return sooner than later.

A lot of fans have been hard on Hayward to start the season, which is tough knowing the injury he just returned from. But that’s just Boston Sports, very passionate about winning. I’ve seen some say trade him already, some said bring him off of the bench until he gets more comfortable and confidence in himself on the court. Coach Stevens made the right move making him the 6th man right now and it’s showing. Looking so much better that I ran a poll on twitter πŸ‘» (@Celticgreen2018) and fans believe he’ll return to AllStar form this season.

Stats from Hayward’s last 5 games:

@ Wolves: 30 PTS – 9 RBDS – 8 ASTS W

Vs Cavs: 14 PTS – 4 RBDS – 4 ASTS W

@ Pelicans: 5 PTS – 4 RBDS – 4 ASTSW

@ Hawks: 11 PTS – 5 RBDS – 4 ASTS W

Vs Knicks: 19 PTS – 7 RBDS – 3 ASTS L

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