What’s cracking everybody, we’re back again with a new edition of The Eclectic Ear with all the hottest new tracks from this past week. This past week was a very busy week in music with releases from Lil Baby, long awaited projects from Earl Sweatshirt, and we finally got the first project from Meek Mill after his highly controversial stint in prison. With that being said lets go ahead and jump into the list



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1.  Some Rap Songs – Earl Sweatshirt


After a long hiatus from the spotlight, around four years to be exact we finally got a project from one of the original artists in Odd Future, Earl Sweatshirt. In my opinion the most talented lyrically out of the group, despite being known for their early outlandish antics and comedic demeanor Sweatshirt is in his own lane with this one. Filled with short snippet type tracks not exceeding two minutes each, this project in my opinion is best digested as a whole which might be hard for today’s average listener. Some Rap Songs is chalked with soulful samples and a sporadic type energy that you can expect from an artist with such personality. Although I am writing about this album as a whole if I was to point to one track that defines Some Rap Songs, I would have to direct readers to “Veins”.


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2. “Shooting Shots” (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Tory Lanes) – Trey Songz (11)


For those who are into something a little slower, and more smooth this is the one for you this week! Off the project 11, Trey Songz delivers a radio anthem with the help of R&B superstars Ty Dolla $ign & Tory Lanez. Fellas this is one you can jam, and is sure to be a favorite with the ladies as well. This song reminds me of something you can put on after the club, the energy is perfect balance of smooth lyrics with an uptempo beat that will keep this on replay. Go check this one out ASAP!



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3. “Realist In It” (feat. Gucci Mane & Offset) – Lil Baby (Street Gossip)


Off Lil Baby’s third studio project the “Realist In It” stands out to me as the signature track on the album. With Lil Baby’s hard hitting hook and Gucci Mane giving us nostalgic old school references on one of his best verses this year this is destined to be a hit. This year Baby has been in his bag and this is no exception. Speaking about his come up from unknown Atlanta D-boy to one of hip-hop’s hottest new artist Lil Baby flexes his street muscle on this one. The whole project is what you can expect for this star in the making and doesn’t deviate from what we have come to love from the “Yes Indeed” artist.


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4. “Worst Nites” – Foster The People


I am in love with track, and I know for a fact that you will too. The high energy single has a Los Angeles, Ray-Bans,  palm tress vibe that just screams, “VIBES!”. The hook is electric and catchy unfortunately I discovered this one during the winter but it would for sure be a summer time pool party anthem. Crank this in the Uber on the way to a function and it will get you in a good mood. This is a gem that will be on repeat for a while, there is no other music geek than me and Foster The People hit a home run with this track.


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5. “Championships” – Meek Mill (Championships)


Last but definitely not least the feature piece in this edition of The Eclectic Ear, Meek’s comeback album Championships. The Philadelphia native shows off his new perspective on life and all that he has learned after fighting for his freedom over the last few years.  With a new approach to his music and new positive message for the youth we see Meek patching up his “beef” with Drake and reminisce on his rough up bringing in the streets of Philly. The title track “Championships” is my favorite hands down, with a jazzy sample and references to the ugly reality of the streets we see many glorify it is clear that Meek is here to teach and motivate. This in my opinion may be Meek’s best album and a defining project in his discography. Be sure to give this one a listen, nice to see the growth of this artist.



That does it for The Eclectic Ear this week. Once again I will post weekly with great music from the week, I would love to get some feedback so COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT! I will be back next week to give y’all more music to jam out to and cherish hopefully in your personal playlist





Christopher Weaver is a fourth generation Dallas, TX native, and currently resides in the North Texas suburb of Allen, TX. A Texas Tech University Alumni with a passion for sports, music, food and travel along with an eagerness to share all of what the DFW metroplex has to offer.






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