The Lakers started out the year up and down with no consistency. Lonzo Ball’s teammates are still trying to get use to his efficient passes. One thing that has been consistent is Lonzo’s defensive play. Some NBA Aficionados have stated that Lonzo is in the running for defense of player of the year. For tonight’s game the Lakers will be playing the suns. The keys to the game is number one the Lakers must have a strong first quarter. Number two all the wings and bigs must run the lanes correctly. And last but not least Luke Walton has the trust Lonzo ball as his point guard. When the Lakers play the Lonzo below 30 minutes per game they lose more games. Even though tonight’s upon it has a losing record I want to see great ball movement, consistent defense, and a identity. For the Lakers to move for this season will  positive results They must get away from the “LeBron James system” while establishing a new culture.

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