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After an up and down rookie season for both himself and the Kings squad as a whole De’Aaron Fox came into the 2018-19 campaign looking to change both his own and his teams future. This season Fox has used his electric speed and athleticism to power his way to the hoop and has improved every aspect of his game even the part of his game many questioned before he was drafted, his jump shot.

De’Aaron Fox has vastly improved in every area of his game, including his three point shot, which was questioned significantly before he was drafted and throughout his rookie year. Fox so far this year has averaged an impressive 17.4 points, 4 rebounds, and 7.6 assists. Fox also increased his three point percent from 30.7 percent all the way to 38.5 percent, showing his vast improvement in that area of his game.

Fox has nearly single handedly changed the culture of the Kings locker room and the public perception of the teams future. The Kings have started this year 10-10 after a season in which they only won 27 games. His improvement on the court shows that the dark ages of Sacramento basketball may finally be over

The Kings have not made the playoffs since 2006, the longest streak in the NBA right now, with the way Fox and the other young players on the Kings are playing right now that streak may end sooner than we think.

After the show Fox has put on to start this season it is impossible for anyone to still doubt his abilities, he has the athleticism, defense and now jump shot to be a game changing superstar and franchise player for a team that desperately needs one. It is time to stop doubting a player with so much talent, the Kings may finally have a player that can bring them the success they desperately desire.

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