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Lamelo Ball, Rocket Watts, and Spire Academy take on Garfield Heights in their next game at the BBB pop up shop in Cleveland, Ohio tomorrow at 7 PM. Garfield Heights lost their last game by a score of 99-17 so this should be an absolute cake walk for Lamelo and his team.

The fact that this game is on Spire Academy’s schedule is just further proof that Lamelo Ball’s decision to leave high school last year to play internationally and then in the JBA was the correct decision.

The JBA gave Lamelo the chance to play against real talent, mostly three or four star recruits looking for a new start, and then to play against European professionals, an opportunity that gave Lamelo the tools he will need when he inevitably makes the NBA.

Clearly Lamelo went back to high school to prove just how dominant he will be, putting up a 30 point triple double in his last game.

The JBA has proven now that it truly is a realistic path for players looking to be paid for their talents on their path to the NBA. The news that Jordan Ray has received an invite to the 2019 NBA Combine furthers the fact that Lamelo Ball is not just already ready to play in the NBA, but that he should easily be picked in the top 5 of the draft.

If you wish to see Lamelo Ball absolutely crush clearly inferior competition then him staying in high school would have been for you, but in the JBA he faced legitimate talent then played actual pros with a lot more experience than him right after.

The JBA is going to be considered more seriously by players in the future because of this fact, there are some players that don’t need extra schooling and just want to work on their craft, as Lamelo Ball, Jordan Ray, Curtis Hollis, and more have showed this year and the league should now, after all of this be taken seriously by the national media.

This game will be a good opportunity for Lamelo and Rocket to show the scouts that they are so much better than the people they are playing against and does serve a purpose because of that.

The game is tomorrow November, 29th in Cleveland Ohio, at 7PM and will not want to be missed because the show Lamelo will surely put on.

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