This may seem absurd to state on the outside looking in. Especially if you just look at the box scores post game to see what everyone’s stats were. However Lonzo’s value goes beyond the numbers as we dive into what is making Lonzo so valuable to this lakers team. Between his ability to push the ball up the Court getting the lakers more shots while still playing even more defense. Through 20 games (1/4 of the nba season) Lonzo Ball is holding opposing NBA point guards too .368% FG% while he’s guarding them. When he goes to the bench their shooting percentage rises all the way up to .600%. That is not a typo, in the Lakers most recent loss against Denver for example Jamal Murray was 2-9 when Lonzo Ball was on the court, and 6-9 from the field when he went to the bench.

The Lakers as a ball club are having trouble beating playoff level teams, especially with their inability to play Lonzo Ball over 30 minutes per game. Tonight is a pass for Luke Walton as Lonzo was injured down the stretch, however this only further put a light on how bad the Lakers are without Lonzo or Lebron in the Court.

The Lakers are 5-1 when Lonzo plays over 30 minutes per game, and a whopping 6-8 when he pleas than the time he deserves.

The rest of the season we will be covering an in depth look at his defense on/off the court for the Lakers.

If Lonzo Ball isn’t given ample time on the Court and given the reins and leash he is provin he deserves on both ends of the Court, then Luke Walton should be dismissed immediately.

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