One of the most popular game modes of NBA 2K19 is MyTeam, an online multiplayer mode where players can create their team filled with both current and historic players.

Introduced in NBA 2K13, MyTeam features different packs wherein certain players can be acquired. Packs usually contain players that fit the theme, and can be purchased by 1 of 2 in-game currencies, either Virtual Currency or “VC”, or MyTeam Points or “MT”. There are also numerous game modes to help users boost their team, ranging from offline challenges such as domination and weekly challenges, to online modes such MyTeam Unlimited and Triple Threat.

The all-new Token Market (From MyTeam 2K19 MyTeam Trailer)

The token market, along with a new in-game currency called the “tokens” were introduced only in NBA 2K19. Tokens can be acquired through completing collections, finishing challenges, locker codes, and a whole lot more. There are also different tiers that users must work their way up on. Starting with the emerald tier, users must collect 10 of 30 possible cards to unlock the sapphire tier, which they then must collect 10 sapphire rewards to unlock the ruby tier, and so on. The end goal is to acquire Galaxy Opal Wilt Chamberlain, one of the rarest cards in the whole game.

It’s been about 2 months since NBA 2K19 came out, and while some players are already at the latter markets, there are still a few beginners or those who just got the game who are still in the emerald market. This list should help them pick out the best of the best when it comes to the selections available at the emerald token market.

*All pictures of cards were retrieved from 2KMTCentral, an online database specifically made as a guide for NBA 2K MyTeam.

1. Morris Peterson (83 Overall)

Vitals: SG/SF, 6’9″, 215lbs

Key Stats: 88 Open Shot Three, 84 Open Shot Mid

Peterson is without a doubt the best emerald token reward you can claim right now. His release is silky smooth and easy to time, and his high shooting ratings make him a deadly sharpshooter. He’s a decent defender at the SG position, especially being 6’9″ (though he was only 6’7″ IRL). The only problem is that he occasionally steps forward upon catching a pass for a catch-and-shoot three, causing him to shoot a long midrange shot instead, especially in the corner.

2. World B. Free (81 Overall)

Vitals: PG/SG, 6’2″, 185lbs

Key Stats: 88 Driving Dunk, 86 Open Shot Three, 86 Ball Control, 84 Speed

If you need a cheap point guard that can both shoot and drive, World B. Free is your guy. Free is one of the best offensive guards in the whole game. His incredibly low intangibles means that he plays much better than his 81 overall suggests. While his defense isn’t the greatest out there, with his combination of athleticism and shooting, Free should be able to score on nearly everyone despite being only 6’2″.

3. James Posey (82 Overall)

Vitals: SF/PF, 6’8″, 216lbs

Key Stats: 89 On-Ball Defense IQ, 88 Pick-and-Roll and Help Defense IQ, 86 Open Shot Three

Posey is the best 3-and-D player you can get at the emerald market. Capable of shooting threes, Posey is also a pretty good defender, capable of guarding the LeBron’s and the KD’s and the Kawhi’s that some teams may have. His release is a little weird, but there aren’t a lot flaws to this card compared to other emerald cards.

Honorable Mention: Dennis Scott (82 Overall)

Vitals: SF/SG, 6’8″, 229lbs

Key Stats: 91 Open Shot Three, 89 Open Shot Mid

Perhaps the best pure shooter available in the emerald tier, 3D is one of the better rewards cards that can be claimed in this level. He should be able to help in domination, as he is able to space the floor really well. His speed and his defense are his weaknesses, but he should still be considered as an honorable mention based on his shooting alone.

Thanks for reading! Which token market tier are you in right now? Do you agree with the cards we suggested? Comment your thoughts down below.

Stay tuned for the best sapphire token rewards to claim.

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