Hello, y’all I’m back again with the hottest music picks of last week. I know I’m a little late but I guarantee I’ve got some great picks this week that are sure to boost your music library up a notch!



Creed II


1. “We Can Hit (Round 1)”(feat. Crime Mob & Slim Jxmmi) – Creed II: The Album

I’ll start this week off with some new music off the new Creed II: The Album Soundtrack produced by Mike WiLL Made It. This soundtrack boasts great records throughout the track with incredible features from an A-List of artists that includes Quavo, Rick Ross, Nas, Lil Wayne, Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar and many more. “We Can Hit (Round 1)” is one just one of the many amazing songs off the album but I put it on the list because of the energy and I personally am always looking for a hype song to throw on to gas me up before a night out. This track is an nod to Crime Mods’s famous club anthem “Knuck If You Buck” and even seems to sample the drums from the original song. If you are familiar with the timeless song you have an idea of the energy this track brings turn this one up, but not too loud we don’t encourage violence on this blog, LOL.



Image result for easy mac ayres


2.  “Easy” by Mac Ayres – Drive Slow

I going to go in a completely different direction with this slow, calm, and relaxing track. Personally this may be my favorite track off this weeks list, however I must admit I am bias I am a sucker for a smooth R&B melody. This song reminds me of the Michael Jackson track “Love Never Felt So Good”, it lives up to the title and really is a easy going track to start the perfect Sunday morning. I’ll keep tabs on this artists, while stumbling upon his music I came across a couple of songs I liked from him, this one took the cake and made it onto the list this week.



Image result for parisalexa ballin


3. “Ballin'” by Parisalexa – Flexa

And of course I had to come with material to bridge the gap between the previous two spots on the list, how could I not? This track combines the slow, and smooth melody with the brash and boasting lyrics of a mainstream hit. The album title Flexa alludes to the content of the song, Parisalexa really is in her bag with this track truly in her lane creatively. I usually test out my material on the AUX with my friends and the car and this one caught their ear, even my friends with the most trap/rap taste.



Image result for key glock


4. “Racks Today” by Key Glock – Glock Bond

This one right here is a BANGER! I was recently at a show of local Dallas artists in Deep Ellum and this track came on in the middle of sets. I must say this got the club rocking, I had to lean over to the person swinging his dreads to the right of me and ask reluctantly, “What is this, and who is it by?”. We’ve all been there right? I must say I am still trying to keep up with the Trap scene that is booming of lately, it seems like there is a new artist that comes up with a hit everyday. However, this is not the first I’ve heard of the Memphis trapper rapper Key Glock, his most popular song “Russian Creme” on the same Glock Bond project is a go to in my rotation. I am excited to see what this artist has in his bag, whatever it is I’ve got money on it being a popular in the streets.



Related image


5. “Four Out of Five” by Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Lastly, I had to put that one track that’s out of my wheelhouse on the list. Although this song is a little out of my comfort zone I absolutely love everything about the vibe of this one. I had an opportunity to watch this band live at Austin City Limits Festival last month and the crowd and band were electrifying, its such a difference seeing this band in person! “Four Out of Five” brings a mix of grunge and tranquility that I am completely here for. Give this track a try and check out the rest of there work, if you’re here for the hip-hop/rap this is not a bad place to start when it comes to diversifying your music library. 


That raps up this edition of The Eclectic Ear, I hope that if you’re reading that you have found some tracks you love, maybe even some that have made it onto your personal playlists. Come back next week because I’ll have some more music selections from the past, along with some new tracks to hopefully expand your library from rap to alternative to R&B. If you’ve got ears I’ve got something that’ll you’ll want to hear.






Christopher Weaver is a fourth generation Dallas, TX native, and currently resides in the North Texas suburb of Allen, TX. A Texas Tech University Alumni with a passion for sports, music, food and travel along with an eagerness to share all of what the DFW metroplex has to offer.






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