Social Media went ablaze after multiple high profile schools canceled their games against Lamelo Ball, Rocket Watts and Spire Institute. Schools like Oah Hill,  LaLumiere, and other top schools dropped like flies not wanting any of the smoke that a “professional player” was about to bring. One coach even stated “ we don’t feel comfortable taking the floor against a former professional player”.

Insert HILLCREST Prep. And Kyree Walker (13th ranked player in his class), it didn’t take long for a school and top prospect to want all the smoke that Lamelo Ball is sure to bring.

With Kyree Walker and Hillcrest Prep. all but inviting Spire to dinner, they seem  to have Melo Ball and Rocket Watts on their door step. Will this move prove to be mutually beneficial? Spire has certainly seen the communities interest in these high profile games, and what it would mean for their athletes. With certain logistics and things to work out this game isn’t a garuantee, but its looking like both sides are fully engaged in making this happen for both the fans and players alike.


Who are you taking in this possible showdown? Spire Or Hillcrest? Melo or Kyree? This is a showdown made for TV, and it looks like if it takes place we will all get to watch the action unfold.

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