When Lonzo plays 30+ minutes the Lakers are 5-1, with their only loss being a 143-142 defeat by the hands of the spurs in OT. This you’d think the coaching staff (Luke Walton) would have caught onto by now.

When Lonzo plays Less than 30 minutes the Lakers are 6-7. Yes, they go from being a dominant team to a below average team by playing Lonzo Less.

Additionally playing Lonzo like this is hurting his confidence and costing the team and him valuable growth. Luke is not the man for the job if he can’t realize what Lonzo posses. After their most recent loss to Orlando Luke Walton said “i was trying to get Lonzo in the last 13 minutes but KCP was flying around and we we’re playing well as a unit”. Your the coach, you don’t have to try and you should also be smart enough especially enter failing to come home with the victory tonight that you have to do better. Most of this is just getting out of your own way, you have a ton of young guys who can ball; don’t get crafty just let them play.

So i can only ask if the Lakers are this much better with Lonzo on the Court and he’s the obvious player for their future why isn’t he getting his minutes consistently and in the fourth quarter? Why does Luke insist on losing the Lakers valuable ball games?

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