The Dwight Howard rumor while hilarious and chopped full of jokes. Like literally they write themselves, between him missing time for a butt injury, or the fact he has 10 kids. However after everyone got their jokes off it became evident that there could be more to the story than just the humor of it all. This “woman” is using Dwight Howard’s name for clout to sell a new book “Industry Hoe”. She has done things like this in the past to the likes of playboy carti, to only get exposed for such. Having faked the alleged videos of conversion between the two. Now maybe in the past she was lying and isn’t now, it is very possible. But there is a reason people tell you not to cry wolf, because when it does happen (and your trying to sell a book) no one is going to believe you. Except for the people who only care to take the information and pop off with jokes left and right (most of which we’re funny).


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