This will be a weekly thread of the 3 burning questions that viewers are asking or talking about. These questions will be answered by our 3 top analysts each week, so tune in every weekend to get all the answers you’re looking for?


Who is the Biggeat Threat to the Warriors?


Austin: The Warriors. Their health is the biggest opponent to themselves with off the court chemistry Also starting to show signs of a bigger weakness for the Warriors. If they play their game and are healthy 1-5 they are unbeatable, if they start to slip up or have an ill timed injury they will have serious problems getting out of the West against the Lakers or Thunder. With that being said the warriors seem like they could be poised to get in their own way of winning 3 in a row.


Colin: At this point the Oklahoma City thunder are the team with the necessary star power and team capabilities to have chance to take down the Warriors. Paul George and Russell Westbrook have a good core of defensive players around them like Jerami Grant and Steven Adams to help stop the stars of the Warriors.


Matt: In my opinion, the biggest threat to the Warriors this season is still the Boston Celtics. Yeah, I said it. They may not be doing so good right now, but once they get their offense flowing and they start making shots, they are still one of the best teams in the league. Assuming Hayward steadily improves and moves back into the starting lineup, they have a starting five that can all hit threes, one of the deepest benches in the league and a Top 5 Defense in the league. The Raptors have to be number 2, simply with how well they’re doing right now.



Who Wins the Eastern Conference?


Austin: 76ers, with the recent addition of Jimmy Butler ive got a feeling come playoff time they will be able to beat the Celtics or Raptors. The Biggest chance at knocking them off would be the Bucks, who are poised to win the conference behind one of the best offenses and defenses in the entire league. The Bucks are legitimate contenders, but beyond Giannis they don’t have a second star that im scared of in Playoffs. If the 76ers play to their strengths they have the best player at 3/5 positions every night in the East Confrence. Which has to make it theirs to lose.


Colin: The Boston Celtics will win the east. Despite their rough start, they still have the most talent in the league outside of the Warriors, Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward just need to be on the same page, once they are they will be on the fast track to the finals.


Matt: As I just said, I believe the Celtics are the biggest threat to the Warriors. While I don’t believe that they will be the first seed in the East, I still have them making the Finals. The East is much tougher this year, with the Raptors, Bucks, Sixers and Pacers all being legitimately good teams. The Celtics have gotten off to a rough start so far as one of the worst offenses in the league. Their defense remains as formidable as ever, and as the season goes on, I see them fixing whatever problems they have over there and eventually winning the East.


What is Lonzo Ball’s ceiling with and without Lebron James? 


Austin: The Sky is the limit for the young point guard, at only 21 years of age and showing the all around game that many would dream to have. He has issues staying aggressive and scoring at times but his potential and intangibles are there. With Lebron James i see him becoming an NBA champion and one of the best players Lebron has played with. Their styles and games will match up perfectly as Lonzo learns and develops around the King. In a few years time Lonzo will be one of the best 5 point guards in the league with or without a Lebron on his team. He’s still young with plenty of promise, and he may end up being a first team all defensive player sooner rather than later.


Colin: Lonzo Ball is an extremely polarizing player, but a player with an extremely high ceiling given the right circumstances. With LeBron, Lonzo’s ceiling is much lower as he won’t get enough of the ball to give him a killer instinct, giving him the ceiling of a better shooting Ricky Rubio. But without LeBron, he could be much better, he will get the ball and learn when to score; making him more of a Steve Nash or Jason Kidd.


Matt: As long as LeBron stays as a Laker, Lonzo’s ceiling would be a good player who occasionally makes the all-star game, similar to Goran Dragic, especially with LeBron being the Lakers primary ball handler. After LeBron leaves/retires in 4 years, Lonzo would just be entering his prime, which I would put gauge to potentially become a legitimate star if he eventually develops his shooting. He’s already a good passer, rebounder (for his position) and defender, so those shouldn’t be problems. In his prime, I don’t see why Lonzo can’t become a top 5 point guard in the league.


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