First Movie: The first installment of the newest Harry Potter spin off franchise left much to be desired as i could barely sit through the movie both times i attempted watching it. As a long time Harry Potter fan who has seen all of the original films more times than i can count i was disappointed to say the least.
Background: These movies are a sort of pre story to the original Harry Potter movies. The first film didn’t keep my interest because the lack of meaningful characters from the original series and the story line being tied to wizard history.

Rating: 8.5/10
Reasoning: This film was much better than anticipated, i originally wasn’t keen on seeing this movie and certainly wouldn’t have paid to go watch the movie prior to having seen it. After the movie ended however i was pleased with the overall plot line of the movie and how it kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat from the opening scenes. This all while not having seen the original in a worth while context. Antagonists and villains are the first things I️ look at I️t in a film, as this can be the biggest factor in producing a quality film a lot of the time. Tying everything back to Dumbledore and setting up a possible showdown between Grindlewalt and Dumbledore. The franchise now on the heels of its first two installments is now coming into its own as it tells us the story of young Dumbledore and his siblings.

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  1. I watched it the night it came out. I was very impressed with the first FB movie and this one was even better.

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