On November 24th, Texas welcomes the Arlington E-Sports stadium into action, with the stadium’s premiere event being FACEIT’S ECS Season 6 Finals. Participants will be using the new NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. The president of NGAGE Esports (Jonathon Oudthone) described the decision as a “no brainer”. For such a large E-Sports company, ensuring that they have top of the line equipment was their number one priority. “Competitive integrity is our highest priority, so we chose NVIDIA — we wouldn’t settle for hardware that was anything less than the best. We eagerly look forward to building a foundation for growth with NVIDIA in the competitive gaming ecosystem.”


NVIDIA, who was the recent recipient of the “E-Sports Provider of the Year” has experienced a foray into the E-Sports that one could only describe as meteoric. It’s continued support along with dominance in the video card industry has ensured that it remains the number one choice for hardcore gamers. “With NVIDIA GPUs and 240hz G-SYNC monitors, Esports Stadium Arlington is putting the best equipment in the world in the hands of pro players. As the largest dedicated esports facility in North America, Esports Stadium Arlington will deliver a lasting destination for esports fans and professional players to experience for years to come.” Confident words spoken by NVIDIA’s Manager of E-Sports Sam Mayo.

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