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JBA USA win the last game of their European tour 115-101 in a very fun game to watch with some great dunks, capped off by a slam by Curtis Hollis as time was wiped away from the clock. For the USA squad Liangelo Ball led the scoring with 42 and also dished out 7 assists, backing up his 65 point game in style. Curtis Hollis had a great day as well scoring 29 with 6 rebounds and 8 assists as well, he also showed out on defense getting 8 steals.

The JBA USA squad finish their European tour at a record of 14-3, which is extremely impressive considering all of the travel and injuries the squad has dealt with over the course of the season and they can each take this experience to better the future of their basketball careers.

When looking at each player, they have all grown since the beginning of this tour. In particular they have learned what life as a professional basketball player will be like and know the schedule they will have, but they have learned lessons on the court as well.

each player that remains on this team an still get better before the next JBA season or the NBA draft/Gleague

Curtis Hollis

Curtis Hollis is the most complete player on the JBA USA squad and showed it throughout the European tour, but he still needs to work on his jumper a bit and gain some muscle. Once he does that he will be primed to have a very long and successful pro career.

Liangelo Ball

Liangelo Ball intends to play in the NBA G league and he is certainly capably of playing at that level, but he must show the scouts he is more than just a shooter. Today was a start when he was showing his play making ability, but if he ever hopes to playing the NBA he must come back with an expanded game.

Jordan Ray

With Ray having been invited to the NBA Draft combine their is one major question mark he needs to answer to the scouts, can he stay healthy? when on the floor Ray is one of the best players the JBA has to offer once he shows he can stay on the court he will be in the NBA in no time.

These three players have legitimate NBA aspirations at some point in their careers and will find themselves making big decisions in the next few months to decide if they can make it.

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