1. Brees
Reasoning: Having beat the Rams gives him an edge over the field, along with the fact he’s completing a ridiculous percent of his passes it is very difficult to not have him at number one in this weeks MVP rankings. With 5-6 games left in this NFL season it is very possible another loss or two could drop him from the top spot. However this doesn’t seem likely as the Saints are poised to win out in a very tough NFC and they may just have to do hold off the the Rams and their three headed monster from taking home field advantage back.
Stats: 2,964 YDS 25 TDS 1 INT 76.9% Comp% 126.9 Rating


2. Goff
Reasoning: He has been getting the least amount of love over the last two years for the Rams progression, but the simple fact is without Goff or some other top Quarterback the Rams would go back to being a borderline a playoff team, even with a stout defense. What separates them from being s mediocre team and being 10-1 with a chance at winning the Super Bowl is Having one of the Two best young Quarterbacks in the game. With a win over Mahomes and a narrow loss to brees already, this seems like the appropriate ranking for the Rams young star.
Stats: 3,547 YDS 26 TD 6 INT 67.7% Comp% 113.5 Rating


3. Mahomes
Reasoning: He has thrown more touchdowns than anyone in the NFL and is on pace to break Peyton Manning’s record for touchdowns in a season if he manages one more game like he just had. All while not turning the ball over a whole lot, that was until last night against the Rams. 5 turnovers in one game will cost him in the MVP race; against Brees or Goff for their ability to not turn the ball over. Mahomes still showed fight the entire time as he tallied 6 Touchdowns again, making this a something to be expected out of the young gun slinger at least 3-4 times a year.
Stats: 3,628 YDS 37 TD 10 INT 67.7% Comp% 117.9 Rating


4. Aaron Donald
Reasoning: This is where the MVP award starts getting tricky, with the NFC seeming so much more dominant and the Saints and Rams dominating both conferences with ease, it seems fair to put multiple players from one of these teams on this list. Only real question is how many? And coming in at 4 in these rankings probably surprises you, but he is having one of his best seasons even if the defense is collapsing around him. Then last night on one of the biggest stages of his career his comes up with multiple key strips on Patrick Mahomes that led directly to points for the Rams. After last night he edges out Gurley, but this is a close race between these two players. Who are likely candidates for offensive and defensive player of the year.
Stats: 14.5 Sacks 38 Tackles 3 FFR


5. Gurley III
Reasoning: The leading rusher in the NFL. The most touchdowns in the NFL. What else does Todd Gurley have to do warrant legit MVP consideration? Probably change his position, as great as Gurley is, and he is the BEST Running Back in all of Football he just isn’t as important to his team as Goff has been up to this point. With a different quarterback or lesser one Gurley would be still be a lesser version of himself unable to have these otherworldly stats because the offense wouldn’t be as affective. Unfortunately for him that starts and ends with Goff so he’ll likely never win an NFL MVP.
Stats: 1043 Rushing Yards 13 RTDS 5.0 YPC 43 Rec 442 Receiving Yards 4 RTDS

Honorable Mention: Tom Brady, Alvin Kamara, Tyreke Hill

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