Curtis Hollis
JBA Season: Curtis Hollis was a preseason favorite by fans for his flying ability and overall basketball game and fundamentals were through the roof. He took no time proving that for the Houston Ballers as he was a catalyst for the team all season long. Leading to his selection on the JBA Western Conference All-Star team. After a full season and playoffs in which he nearly led the Houston Ballers past Seattle and to the first ever JBA championship. And while he fell short during the season he was about to accomplish much more.
Stats: 28.6 PTS 10.4 REB 6.2 AST

JBA USA TOUR: The first few games on the JBA USA tour Curtis Hollis and Je’Rell Springer were both trying to find their way on this team and were under the impression that they were there to help showcase and facilitate Melo and Gelo. After Lavar and the JBA coaching staff told them not to be so passive that they wanted aggression out of the two young stars, that is exactly what we got as Curtis Hollis put up 40 points on a near nightly (or morning depending on the part of the world your watching from) basis. He was also the best wing defender in the team throughout the tour and helped JBA USA run their trap effectively. Once Lamelo left the team, Curtis Hollis, Liangelo Ball, and Jordan Ray didn’t let the team miss a beat. However, having been the most consistent player on the team who suited up for every game its a no brainer he was the JBA USA’s MVP during their 14-3 international tour.
Stats: 29.7 PTS 6.5 Reb 3.9 Ast 3.9 STLS
Honorable Mentions: Lamelo Ball, Liangelo Ball



Curtis Hollis
Reasoning: This Award was actually the closest and hardest to determine. Melvin Davis is a very important part of this JBA USA team, and without him they have little chance to defend anyone. However, Hollis has been the perfect player all season in the JBA USA’s trap defense. Averaging a stunning 3.9 STLS a game and finishing off the tour with 29-6-8-8 in their final game. Curtis Hollis has been a man on a mission, after an impressive JBA season and an even better international tour Hollis is primed to make noise during the NBA Draft for his all-around game and abilities.
Stats: 6.5 Rebs 3.9 STLS
Honorable Mentions: Melvin Davis, Lamelo Ball



JBA USA Most Improved Player Award
Curtis Hollis
Reasoning: This award should also come as no surprise as Curtis Hollis has found a way to defend and be aggressive on both ends while staying out of foul trouble. Learning how to play alongside other top players and staying aggressive was something great to watch unfold. He grew the most on this team and in the JBA League from the inception of the JBA to the final game of their international tour. Hollis has real skills and almost position you choose to line him up.
Stats: 29.7 3.9 STLS
Honorable Mentions: Je’Rell Springer, Jordan Ray




Jordan Ray
Reasoning: Jordan Ray wins this award as he did the most out of the JBAs initial bench players to warrant insertion in the starting lineup. Getting a chance to get starters minutes with Melo Ball leaving the team he further had a chance to shine and show what it was that led to the nickname “Hollywood”. A threat to score as soon as he touches the ball past half Court, is a near impossible cover when he gets his shot going. If he’d had been healthy and playing the entire USA tour he may have been able to win another award. Having been so close to winning the JBA MVP, getting the 6th man award for this USA team is a decent consultation prize.
Honorable Mentions: Calvin Brown, Harrison Reiger

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