Day: November 20, 2018


Recapping JBA USA vs. BCMU

JBA USA win the last game of their European tour 115-101 in a very fun game to watch with some great dunks, capped off by a slam by Curtis Hollis as time was wiped away from the clock. For the USA squad Liangelo Ball led the scoring with 42 and also dished out 7 assists, backing up his 65 point game in style. Curtis … Read More Recapping JBA USA vs. BCMU


JBA USA Awards

JBA USA MVP Curtis Hollis JBA Season: Curtis Hollis was a preseason favorite by fans for his flying ability and overall basketball game and fundamentals were through the roof. He took no time proving that for the Houston Ballers as he was a catalyst for the team all season long. Leading to his selection on the JBA Western Conference All-Star team. After a full … Read More JBA USA Awards


NFL MVP Rankings

1. Brees Reasoning: Having beat the Rams gives him an edge over the field, along with the fact he’s completing a ridiculous percent of his passes it is very difficult to not have him at number one in this weeks MVP rankings. With 5-6 games left in this NFL season it is very possible another loss or two could drop him from the top … Read More NFL MVP Rankings