Jerrell Springer is back in the USA and done for the rest of the JBA USA tour leaving the JBA USA squad without yet another player on a long term injury, as such it may be time to bring in some new faces.

On the JBA USA live broadcast AB and Manny have hinted that new players could be added to the JBA USA roster which could mean some new faces added to a team that has only seven players left. In recent weeks the JBA USA squad has been cut down to size with Lamelo Ball leaving and injuries to Jerrell Springer, Corey Boyd, Nate Morris, and Nyang Wek, this has created many openings in the squad with just seven players left. Some of these injured players will certainly be back but clearly new names may have to be added to the USA squad for the Asian leg of their tour.

There are many players who played in the JBA over the summer who are worthy of a chance to play for the USA squad, but only a select few have the skill-set as well as the talent to make this squad.

Brandon Willis

The first and most obvious name to mention is Brandon Willis, a three point marksmen for the Seattle Ballers over the summer and was the first ever JBA 3 point contest champion. Willis is a player that is always hustling and is known for putting in a tremendous amount of work both on and off of the court to be the best player he can be. He would be a useful addition to this USA squad for his 3 point shooting of course but also for his defense, his hustle could make him useful as Harrison Reiger has been.

Nigel Chaney

Nigel Chaney is another guard who could potentially replace Jerrell Springer as he is a combo guard who can shoot the lights out and lead a game as a scorer. On the USA squad he would need to be more of a spot up shooting specialist and defender as Liangelo Ball and Curtis Hollis hold the scoring burden, but he would be a useful addition to help spread the floor.

Jerrell Springer being gone is big blow for JBA USA and it may finally be time to bring in the reinforcements into the squad, they have a tough upcoming schedule in Asia and seven players just wont be enough to have success going through it. Its unlikely that the squad does add new players but I believe it may be necessary if they want to continue winning games on this tour.

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