Fortnite has managed to stay relevant. After writing the article  about them and  Realm Royale a while back, I decided to revisit the game as well as the topic.


Now in Season 6 of the game, there is so many new things, that it’s hard to remember the old Fortnite, or even Season 5! New skins are available literally every day now. There is a massive floating island where Loot Lake used to sit. This, I have found from recent sleepless nights playing the game, is now where people drop the most, when once Loot Lake was majorly avoided.


There are Zombies…… This is such a new and fun feature. The ‘Fortnightmares’ are essentially the living dead on a quest to eat your brains etc. I love a zombie game personally, but this was a creative way of giving the cheap gamer a taste of the paid version of the game. Yes, I have it too, and yes I did pay for it.


Another big change, there is now a castle, Hexylvania, and it offers some very nice finds to each person who makes to the far reaches of the map. There are several secret tunnels that connect into almost a web of catacombs underneath the map!


My personal favorite thing, and I think the reason why most fans still play this game, is for the skins. There are over 100 skins that have been release, and new ones are popping up daily. Everyone wants that NEW skin!


Even with new games on the market, the developers of this game have been successfully creative in their endeavors. I can’t seem to shake the feeling that it will die slowly. The fan base is dwindling, and I see several more spinoffs in our future as consumers. Mimicry is the most sincere form of flattery, but not when it tanks a company…


That being said, let’s focus on the positives. Comment below with your personal favorite skin! Let us know what you think is coming next!



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