1. Curtis Hollis
Reasoning: He has been the most consistent all around player for the JBA USA squad, and now with Lamelo having been out a few games Curtis Hollis has rightfully taken his spot as the Most Valuable team JBA USA member. At one point while playing alongside Lamelo he strung together 5 40-Point games in a row before finally cooling off with 34 followed by 40 points again. He has also been the most consistent defender on the trap and without him the USA style of trapping full Court would work even less then it does now at times. Curtis is the JBA USA MVP, and don’t expect that to change even with a heavy schedule in China on its way.

2. Lamelo Ball
Reasoning: He hasn’t played in 4 games and is still top 2 in JBA USA MVP voting because he was that important to their win streak and this international tour. However, for Lamelo to have stayed number one on these rankings they’d have to have lost more games without him. As long as JBA USA keeps winning he will keep dropping off these MVP rankings as other players will get his minutes and points in his stead.

3. Melvin Davis
Reasoning: The DPOY in the JBA is doing what he does best overseas and that’s disrupting shots and clogging up the paint for a USA team in desperate need of what he provides. Seeing as how he’s the sole reason they don’t get absolutely dominated in the paint he will most likely never fall below third one this list in level of importance to this JBA USA squad.

gelo sniper

4. Liangelo Ball
Reasoning: 65 points against a good European team is enough to shoot Liangelo Ball right up the NBA boards as well as our own. He went full Sniper mode but we still haven’t been impressed with Liangelo prior to that game he seemed to have gotten worse and less comfortable in his shot. Hopefully on the heels of his best game since declaring for the draft he can build off this momentum and really out the ball in the basket for JBA USA.

5. Jordan Ray
Reasoning: He was huge in game 1 for the JBA USA team off the bench and while sidelined with an injury the team had to learn without their spark-plug off the bench. Now back fully healthy with plenty of opportunities now that Lamelo Ball is back in High School, Jordan Ray is showing the talents that made him a JBA MVP candidate. With plenty of season left expect this to be the lowest his name is on this list the rest of the year. By season end Ray, Springer, and Hollis will have vaulted up the NBA draft boards.

Honorable Mention: Calvin Brown, Harrison Reiger: In his small sample sizes he’s put up great numbers, with more minutes and opportunity ahead he could squeeze into this list.

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