With the rapid change the in music industry over the last few years spurred on by the role social media plays in today’s society we have seen a shift in how artists roll out their new material and a focus on different objects. We have seen the long roll out with ads and promos replaced by surprise albums and the standard of one project per year replaced by the idea of saturating the internet with new material on a weekly basis. With all of this new music how does the listener keep up with all of this material?

The Eclectic Ear is here to give you, the reader some of the top tracks from new to old, from rap to electronic that I am listening to and that I am sure you’ll love. From being the designated DJ to unwinding at home after a long day of school or work these hits with be guaranteed to please.


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1.  “Last Memory” by Takeoff

The first single off of his debut solo album, The Last Rocket,  the third and most under rated lyrically of the rap trio Migos brings a recognizable flow to this club banger. The energy of this track pulls from the popular sound that made the group the most recognizable trio in all of rap music and for that matter music in general. This one is a party starter, and will get anybody with a taste for rap music out of their seat!

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2. “HD Bling” (ft. GFMBRYYCE) by Translee

This track off of the artist’s 2018 project Freedom Summer is one that contrasts the energy of the rest of the songs, and I absolutely love it. A native and yet another product of Atlanta’s blazing music scene Translee dubs himself throughout the project, “What the game has been needing”. Cosigned by rap legend T.I., one would call the artist a “conscious rapper” with music and content that reminds you of a Kendrick Lamar, or a J. Cole however his Atlanta roots can be heard, and the subtle hit of trap keeps you guessing, keep an eye on this artist.


3.  “Voices” by Phantogram

We’re going to go into the time capsule for this one, the single off of the 2013 album Voices this track was handed to me by the most knowledgeable person I know, Siri herself! This alternative track is not really a song that is typical of my music library but it’s hard hitting and futuristic sound remind me of a Kanye/Cudi track and is on repeat not only only in my car but in my head. Give this a listen and I promise it will not disappoint, this may be my favorite on this list! 

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4.  “Wake Up In the Sky’ by Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black

This track has Billboard Top 100 written all over it! With a hook that can’t be topped from the smooth Bruno Mars and the Southern flare of Gucci and Kodak I am close to calling this the track of the year! Yeah I said it (obviously Drake exists in this world so that is very arguable). I am telling you this track will be on every rap radio station and you’ll hear it in your sleep, enjoy the pleasure from this impeccable track while you can!


The Eclectic Ear will be a weekly blog post that will give you an insight to the hottest tracks to add to your personal playlist. COMMENT!



Christopher Weaver is a fourth generation Dallas, TX native, and currently resides in the North Texas suburb of Allen, TX. A Texas Tech University Alumni with a passion for sports, music, food and travel along with an eagerness to share all of what the DFW metroplex has to offer.

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