Khalessi Pregnant?
I know, i know “they said Khaleesi can’t get pregnant”, “the show only has one season left” but nothing in Game of Thrones is said by mistake and without precise reasoning by the writers. They have made notions she can’t get pregnant but im under reason to believe that she can only bare a child by a Targaryen. Which would either start unraveling that they are related or they will find out after the fact in which its too late to back out now. This would be a great story to go alongside the White Walkers as they still have to wrap up why them finding out their related and much more. This makes the most logical sense to fill many holes. Could also see the show end with a glimpse into the future of them with their son/daughter.


Cerci will turn on the Living.
Cerci is certainly turning into the Mad Queen and at this point i firmly believe she’d rather die and kill all of her people with her than let someone else rule them. She’s using their alliance as a way to betray them at the most opportune time possibly leading to the deaths of thousands of the living. If she isn’t stopped.

Queen Slayer?
If Cerci let’s anyone in on her plan, most notably her brother/lover Jamie than i expect him to take the same action he did against his the Mad King. He will sacrifice his Sister this time, to save thousands of people and possibly the entire world. As her plan will most likely cost them a chance to defeat the Night King. Plus it would be poetic justice for a show that started with him attempting to kill a kid for her only to kill her to save everyone. Would be a nice turn of events on a charter the writers have made you sympathize with more throughout the show.

Arya is Certain to Kill
Will she cross a name off her list after someone else takes one from her? Will she kill Jamie after he decides to take his sisters life to save the world? Not many names are left on her list and she is going to get at least one more if not multiple. She did leave the Hound to die after “befriending” him, so with him still being alive there could be more in store between the two.


John Snow/Khalessi find out their related
This one is Obvious, but Khalessi and John Snow are related. I won’t waste a ton of time going into detail but after the vision seen by Bran its all but confirmed what i suspected after season one when Ned Stark said to John Snow “next time we see each other we will speak of your mother, i promise”. Only for them never to see each other again, i knew then something bigger was planned with the reveal of his Mother. Now the only question is when do they find out that they just carried on The Targaryen legacy of incest on accident.

Khalessi wins the war but loses Everything
Khalessi is going to be pregnant and she may very well keep her daughter as a consolation prize, but there is a very good chance John Snow will die AGAIN. She may also lose another or both of her Dragons to the Night King, along with possibly thousands of her people and the Unsullied. How will she take the losses of loved ones and friends? Will there be enough left for her to rule after the living and dead wage war.

Fire is the one thing both sides have other than Dragon Glass that can really put a dent in the white walkers. I expect Cerci to be in her tricks with the wildfire, to help at first but i wouldn’t be surprised if this is what she has planned that will lead to the death of many soldiers both living and dead. Khalessi will have her Dragons flying about even though she is hesitant, so we may even get to see John Snow and Khalessi each ride a Dragon while they fight the Night King on his Dead Dragon. This will come after they find out he raised the dragon, they left before seeing it dragged out from under the ice.

Tyrion The Targaryen?
Tywin was hand of the King to the Mad King during the time of Tyrion’s birth giving any one of the Targaryen’s a chance to sleep with and impregnate her.
Tyrion also seems like a likely candidate to ride a dragon as he has had a growing role with them. Along with the fact Tywin once told Tyrion he was “Ill-Made”, now that could just be a notion to god creating him as a dwarf or it could be that he was the product of Aeryes Targaryen forcing himself on Tyrion’s Mother. This is a far fetched theory and sounded better when there was three Dragons for each of the possible Targaryens to ride into battle.

White Walkers Win?
With the Humans full of discourse and someone certainly to turn on each other, most likely Cerci. The White Walkers all being controlled by the Night King are sure to overwhelm the living just based off their unity in throwing their “lives” away to attack whatever they are ordered too. And they are only answering without question to one person, but if you cut the head off a snake… This could also be the way the living find a way to win if they can exploit this, however the Night King is very smart and strategic it seems meaning they will need him to be distracted in some way. If not this doesn’t seem like a very promising ending for the living, at least not without many of them dying in the process.

Bran and the Night King?
Could Bran be the Night King or be able to take control of him? He was marked last season prior to taking down the wall for the dead to pass, is that because he is the Night King and will play a role in the down fall of mankind? Or seeing as he sees everything does he know mankind can deal with this threat now and he has a plan to help. Possibly controlling the dragon or getting the head of the Night King himself. All are possibilities, but all of the Starks are certain to play an important role down the stretch.

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