Three-peating is one of the hardest thing to do in sports, and this season the Warriors are finding out it may not be a cake walk. Some of the recent problems in the Bay Area May have been over blown but they also show a few glaring weaknesses and issues in their core.

-Draymond/KD: After their fight down the stretch of an overtime game they eventually lost, it seems that a lot was said that may not go away as quickly as it seemed to on the court. KD and the Warriors look like they aren’t in anything more than a relationship for show. The problem is this team is so talented and has more talent in the way from IR that their issues don’t even seem like real problems. Unless multiple of these things can happen at the right time for the NBA.
– Front Office: The Warriors front office chose KD by giving Draymond a team issued suspension. This is something i can only expect to hurt the team in FA with both players and possibly deep into other areas of the roster. By trying to get everyone aside from Curry to take less the Front Office may just lose everyone not named Curry this off-season.

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– Boogie: We don’t want to wish more health concerns on a player already going through such a severe one. But there is no guarantee that he will be basketball ready or in the proper shape to make the sort of impact people expect. The Warriors were great without him and hard to stop, if anything he’s another person taking shots. And while he’s betting than McGee if healthy i don’t know if he’s going to give the warriors a premium over the performance Mcgee had in last years finals.
– Steph: With Curry out right now due to a groin injury the league saw the Warriors lose 2 straight games due to dysfunction and not having their full team. If any one of the Warriors 4 stars are our come playoff time or nursing an injury that affects their game it could mean trouble for them.

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Western Conference
The West has always been brutal but this year it is getting tougher. Not just because the man they faced in 3 of the last 4 finals came out west. But because Lebron is a master in playing the schedule and choosing his seeding and playoff Matchups. With the West usually being such a tight race there won’t be a big difference between the 3-8 seeds out west in record, giving Lebron and the entire West to make up for last season. Last year through 81 games with one left to go the playoffs, the schedule for the Warriors was Thunder first round, possibly Jazz in the second, and Rockets in WCF. That would have been a way tougher route than Spurs, Pelicans, Rockets which is the matchups they ended up with. This season the West is even tougher and if the Warriors play any three of Lakers, Thunder, Jazz, Rockets in Playoffs to get to finals they will find themselves on the wrong Side of a 7 game series at some point. The Warriors luck both with health, seeding, and opposing teams health is sure to run out eventually.

Free Agency
-Knicks: This is the most likely destination the Warriors lose KD too as i believe he can get another star to pair with him and Porzingis and have one of the scariest teams in the league due to size and spacing. Changing the culture and bringing a championship to NY would be the most important and meaningful ring he would ever win in the NBA. It would do more for his legacy than anywhere else possibly could.
-Lakers: Joining the Lakers makes wining a championship guaranteed, but he’d be joining s team with Lebron James and face the same scrutiny he once did. Only now he’d be with his long time friend Lebron and have Lebron Stans off his back slightly. This move while it could help Lebron and Durant both surpass Jordan together, going on to possibly win rings 4-5-6-7-8 together would be huge for both of their basketball legacies. If Durant is ok with 1B to Lebrons 1A all time. If he does join the Knicks look for Klay to consider the Lakers long and hard as he’d become their leading scorer with a ton of willing passers looking to get him 10 3’s a game.

With all of these reasons i think any two could be lining up to help send Kevin Durant right out the door and too either Lakers or Knicks. This could have drastic impact on this summers Free Agency and the landscape of the league. The NBA’s talent level has only risen due to the creation of the warriors and now every team is loaded just waiting for the Warriors to fall apart and make the NBA the most wide open it’s ever been.

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