Spire Academy is now scheduled to participate in the HoopHall classic, a prestigious tournament that hosts top high school teams every year. Taking place in January we are now primed to get a chance to see the matchup of Cole Anthony and Lamelo Ball we have all been waiting for. On the aftermath of the news that teams like Oak Hill and La Lumiere we’re dodging Lamelo Ball and canceling games against his new school citing that they had a former pro athlete. Many scoffed at the notion including former pros who are we aware of Oak Hills history of handing 5th and 6th year seniors on their teams. They can’t run scared now unless these schools plan to run scared from an entire tournament just because of Lamelo Ball. And if that happens its safe to say the decision to not play will be much more than basketball. Just as it may have been the first time around, as most of these top schools are sponsored by Nike and adidas they may have received external pressure to not play against Lamelo Ball. This is something school can’t avoid all year, as Spire Academy and the public eye is fully concerned with seeing Lamelo and Spire play against top teams and competition. Among some of the other school participating in this tournament will be IMG Academy, Sierra Canyon, and Monteverde to go along with Oak Hill and several other top school in the nation. This is atournament that is sure to have a ton of fireworks the only questions If will Lamelo Ball and his teammates make Oak Hill cancel again?