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JBA USA’s 11 game win streak came to an end tonight with a 129-122 defeat to KK Rabotnicki, after an extremely poor start seeing them down by as much as 26 points JBA USA came back to even tie the game up in the fourth quarter. It was another impressive performance by star player Curtis Hollis putting up 38 points and 8 rebounds in the loss and there were good performances from Jordan Ray and Harrison Reiger as well.

There were a few reasons why JBA USA could not take a win most of which were caused in the first quarter. Liangelo Ball started the game very cold in the first quarter and the JBA USA squad was not going back on defense.

The issues this JBA USA squad have to do with finding the right shots for themselves and playing better defense both in the transition and the half court. This can be done by doing a few things.


Jordan Ray’s Eye Popping Stats

It may have came in a losing effort but Jordan Ray had one of his best games facilitating the ball we’ve seen. Hollywood went out there for a rare 27 points and 20 assists against one of the best teams in European basketball. This kid has a real shot at the NBA with a ton of scouts and NBA execs starting to look his way as he is the youngest player aside from Lamelo on the JBA USA Team and has vitals that match up similarly to Steph Curry. If he continues to be this good from deep, and as a facilitator he will make it to the league. (Written By:Austin Philippi)

Take Time to Find a Good Shot

The JBA USA squad runs at an electric pace which we all love and enjoy to watch, but sometimes they need to stop forcing speed and take a little time to rotate the basketball to find a good look. Their were many occasions today when Jordan Ray would run right up the court, shoot a three, and miss, that should be something they don’t want to happen on a regular basis.

Keep Playing Harrison Reiger

Harrison Reiger came into the game when JBA USA was already down big, and his hustle on both ends of the floor set a precedent for the rest of the players to follow, while he didn’t score a ton of points Harrison Reiger in my opinion was the catalyst for the USA squads comeback in this game.

Let Curtis Hollis Run The Offense

At this point it is clear that Curtis Hollis may just be the best player the JBA USA team has to offer, he can score at a high rate, plays tight defense, and rebounds and passes very well to. The ball should run through Curtis Hollis when Jordan Ray needs a break or just to throw defenses off course. He has the capability to dominate the game in every category if given the chance and could lead this team to many victories.

With the win streak now over JBA USA can take this opportunity to show the players they need to be putting in as much work as possible. They play next on November 18th in Bulgaria.

For a look at the preview for this game go here:

Previewing JBA USA vs. KK Rabotnicki


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  2. I appreciate the info and effort, but why do you feel the need to sensationalize everything? The tweet that led me here called Rabotnicki “one of the best teams in Europe” when they aren’t even a top-100 European team according to

    • Well there are countless pro teams across Europe and countless divisions and Leagues it seems, all i meant by the statement was that Rabotnicki was Champion of their Macedonian basketball league, making them a competitive team in Europe. However not knowing a lot about overseas basketball we just went with a title that will lead to engagement with our content. Wasn’t meant to mislead.

      • Well, even though they are a top team in Macedonia, they aren’t a competitive team in Europe. Now that you know, feel free to edit… or continue misleading.

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