Am I the only living person on the earth that takes this new release as a stab to our boy? I mean SERIOUSLY “I am so f***ing grateful for my ex?!?!?” How can she even say that. I mean when she performed it on Ellen she almost fell on her face. Can you say instant Karma? Sorry to rant, but I was a ride or die Mac Miller fan and after hearing that song today I went into a rage.


These days, blasting your ex on social media seems to be all the rage, but writing a whole song and basically dedicating it to him is just absurd. When ‘The Divine Feminine’ came out, I fell even deeper in love with our fallen star. He spit real rhymes on that album and it really changed my feelings about how sweet he actually was.




Everyone knows he had a problem but honestly, who doesn’t have at least one problem in today’s society. But this kid was passionate about music and gave his all at every performance. They may have had their issues and his problems may have ran deeper than her, his issues however got worse after their split. After her announcement of being engaged too Pete Davidson it didn’t take long for us to lose a legend and star. She obviously had no intention of marrying Pete and had to have known how it was going to hurt Mac Miller in the process. Now to come out with this song, after all that has happened just doesn’t seem right.


So here I come again with the conspiracy, did Ariana know what she was doing when they split? Did she know that our young artist would delve into a downward spiral? Who knows, maybe so, maybe not. I think its up to you to decide. Comment below what you think the real deal is.

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