The NBA 2K league being a league with high standards of the NBA and it’s sponsors to live up to the NBA 2K League took no time in removing one of their league’s biggest stars. The move to get rid of Wizards Distract Power Forward and MVP candidate Austin (Boo) Painter came as a shocking one to say the least to fans and the community. With this hopefully many other NBA 2K athletes and hopefuls realize the sort of opportunity they have, and that they are a part of history and to make a living for themselves as well as those around them playing a video game is unique and special and can be taken away in an instant even if you have been retained by a franchise or are a star within the league. The NBA 2K League is sending a message that it is already much bigger than its stars, and if you want to be a part of a special league and future you will have to make sure you comply by the behavior guidelines set. Below you will see the statement released by the NBA 2K league.NBA@K LEague.PNG

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