Many “scouts” and “analysts” said Lamelo Ball hasn’t played any competition and that his decision making, and talent is being put on show against players that aren’t his caliber. Now with a chance December 3rd to prove everyone wrong and show just how talented he is, a school of Oak Hill’s prestige (Currently ranked No. 2 in the nation) and  with a player of Cole Anthony’s magnitude is the latest school to dodge Lamelo Ball on the excuse “he’s a professional”. This same excuse has been used by lesser opponents  La Lumiere and St. Benedict’s as they will no longer be playing their upcoming match-up against Spire .

This match-up was being looked at by many in the sporting world, and scouts who were interested in all parties. The only logical excuse for a school to turn down that sort of opportunity for its players and school is if they believe it be detrimental to their program or players when they lose. Losing a match-up of this magnitude is surely to hurt from a fan standpoint, but hopefully the school can replace these games and any other games they may lose out on as a result.

To say this move was cowardly is to say the least, we didn’t bat an eye when the first school chose to not play Spire Academy, but a school like Oak Hill has little moral ground to stand on given the fact they have recruited and touted top athletes for years.

Lamelo Ball and Spire Academy will still be showcased in multiple tournaments and face plenty of competition as the season goes on, but this is a loss for the fans and for NBA scouts.

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