Friday night lights. For some people, this means stadium lights, loud crowds and football pads- for others, this means lights flashing from a monitor, Twitch cheers and headsets. In either preparation or excitement of an upcoming tournament, millions of players across North America log onto the hit online game Fortnite, created by Epic Games. The players under these lights are just as competitive as the ones playing in stadiums, and have taken this competitive outlet to new heights.

Epic Games has sponsored an event called Fortnite Summer Skirmish- a weekly invitational to top players and streamers of their game, with large cash prizes. Throughout the eight week invitational, Epic is giving out $8,000,000 in prize money to competitors in their Summer Skirmish. This week’s cash prizes include $60,000 for best solo placement overall, and $10,000 for getting over twenty kills in any one game. Players invited are given ten solo games, where their kills and wins are tallied and used to rank accordingly.


Notable Competitors:

Ninja – Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, is THE Superstar of Fortnite. Known for unpredictable but great gameplay, Ninja always keeps his audience’s eyes glued to their screens. A former professional Halo player, Ninja is no stranger to competition and seemingly thrives when in the center of the spotlight.

TSM Myth – Ali Kabbani, the captain of Team SoloMid’s Fortnite team, is a young newcomer to the Esports scene, but definitely not shy when it comes to competing. A former streamer from a deceased game of Epic Game’s own catalog, Myth is an extremely talented gamer and one of the most popular streamers in North America. The skill is evident, and TSM is looking strong when Fortnite’s Esports scene is in full swing.

FaZe Tfue – Tenner “Tfue” Tenney is in contention for the best Fortnite player.  No “King of Sniping,” no “Young Architect.” No titles, just the best. His shots will hit. He sniffs out the Victory Royale, and shows you the way back to your own lobby. Tfue is no joke to this game, and him and the FaZe boys have won a majority of the notable tournaments in this young Esports scene. Keep your eyes on FaZe- they want to win.

TSM Daequan – Another member of Team SoloMid, Daequan Loco has become known as an innovator and great at killing you with his staple pump shotgun in tow (although he’ll gladly frag you with any other weapon he gets his hands on). After Epic Games nerfed out his “double pump” strategy (multiple times), Daequan is still taking high grounds and still getting wins.


The wrap-up: The beauty of Fortnite is that in a game with 100 people, the phrase “any given Sunday” could also translate to “any given lobby.” A newcomer to the scene, IDropz_Bodies went on an absolute tear in his ten games. A console player, Michael (last name unknown) 

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