1. Warriors

Reasoning: They are the Warriors.

Record: 10-1


  1. Raptors

Reasoning: Even without Kawhi Leonard in the lineup they have still been a force to be reckoned with each game. They are defending well, shooting well, and are on pace to break the franchise record in wins for a season. This could very well be the year we see “The North” in the NBA Finals. The only real question is a championship bid enough to convince Kawhi to stay?

Record: 10-1


  1. Bucks

Reasoning: Through 10 games they’ve hit more 3’s than any ten-game period in franchise history and are on pace to do their team and the environment a lot of good. (Every 3 a Bucks Player makes they will help plant a tree). So, if you aren’t rooting for the success of the Bucks this Regular Season you must hate the environment. Oh, and he may not be able to hit 3’s very often but that guy named Giannis happens to be pretty good.

Record: 8-2


  1. Celtics

Reasoning: This team is a little harder to judge and I’m giving the nod over the Blazers and Nuggets just because I believe the men in green have a much better shot at being in the NBA finals than either virtually every team below them on this list. The East is wide open and seems to be a 3-4 team race to the claim the throne of the East that no team without Lebron James has done in the last 8 years.

Record: 7-4


  1. Nuggets

Record: 9-1


  1. Trail Blazers

Reasoning: CJ has left something to be desired so far this season but the same can’t be said for Damian Lillard who is having a career year through ten games so far this season. If the Blazers stay in the win column this season like they have over the last 100 games than they won’t fall lower than 6 on this list despite my concerns about the rest of the ball club. DL has been that good.

Record: 8-3


  1. Pacers

Record: 7-4


  1. 76ers

Reasoning: They haven’t started out this season like they have 2 of the best 15 players in the NBA, and they haven’t been able to spread the flood and hit 3’s like they did down the stretch of last season. If the 76ers can’t find a consistent way to score from the outside apart from JJ Reddick, then they may not see a ranking above 8 the rest of the season. Also, Simmons has yet to make a 3 in his NBA Career.

Record: 6-5


  1. Spurs

Record: 6-3


  1. Thunder

Reasoning: After struggling mightily to start the season the Thunder have turned things around to win 5 straight games, unfortunately Russell Westbrook seems to have gotten injured, and that may cost the Thunder for a few games. However, if he is healthy the Thunder should be better this season than last. This may their only year to have a shot at beating the Warriors or winning the West. After this Westbrook will be on a hard decline.

Record: 5-4


  1. Rockets

Reasoning: They didn’t start the season out to hot either, but between rumblings they will have Jimmy Butler and the fact they won the most games in the NBA last season, it’s a safe bet that they will rise in these Power Rankings before season’s end.Harden and Paul haven’t been the tandem that they were in season 1 together, leaving multiple games on the table.

Record: 4-5


  1. Lakers

Reasoning: The most disappointing team thus far, they have so much talent the coach can’t correctly play them. Hopefully with the addition of Tyson Chandler they won’t get outscored so much when their MVP JaVale McGee goes to the bench for a breather. If Luke can just play Lonzo, Kuzma, and Ingram for big minutes even if they struggle the team would be better off for it. Losing games like this when you’ve been so competitive is heartbreaking and deflating to say the least.

Record: 4-6


  1. Pelicans

Record: 4-6


  1. Jazz

Reasoning: They were picked by many to be a top team in the West, and thus far they haven’t exactly lived up to those expectations. They will most likely sneak into the playoffs again as a bottom seed in the West than no one, including the Warriors will want to faceoff against. Gobert and Mitchell will need to build off what they did last year to make the Jazz any more relevant.

Record: 4-6


  1. Clippers

Record: 6-4

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