The JBA USA Team will be without their star and marquee player the rest of the season as Lamelo Ball  has decided to take his talents…… back to high school. However, he won’t be attending the school he helped make famous in Chino Hills, he’ll be going to school in Ohio. Likely rumored to be attending Spire Academy with several key prospects including a 7’7 Center.

Between Lamelo’s signature shoe, and having played professional basketball in 2 pro leagues, fans were surprised to say the least to learn of Lamelo’s decision. With Lamelo Ball gone and Je’Rell Springer  out expect JBA USA to have longer rotations and give more opportunities to their bench players. Below is a text message from Je’Rell Springer confirming Lamelo Ball is going home in preparation to go play High School basketball.



Not sure how they got past the eligibility issues, or why they have now chosen that going back to school for one semester is the right move for the young prodigy. This must be in preparation for the draft, giving Lamelo yet another school and basketball opportunity for him to excel at. Many doubters ride Lamelo’s success off as any number of factors, but after playing for 2 different high school and 2 pro leagues while putting up solid numbers is impressive for someone yet to reach their 18th birthday. There isn’t a 17-year-old alive with a better basketball resume, and Melo is about to add to that resume in hopes of winning a state title in Ohio. If successful he will have won a JBA championship, a state title in 2 different states, and led a 9-game win streak against European competition in which he averaged a triple double.

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One thing is for certain, with Lamelo going back to school; no High School player is safe from the wrath of the future number one pick. This may be where the decision stems from, as Melo has gotten to put on a show vs. competition from around the world some are discrediting their skill level. This is an obvious move by the Balls’ to put Lamelo in a private school where he will get to play top 17-18-year-old competition. The possibility of playing for Spire Academy matter only adds interest and intrigue as he will attempt to put up other worldly stats once he arrives in Ohio. He will Face-off against Cole Anthony in January in a now much anticipated event. He will play his first game next Friday at 6:15 PM vs. North-field Mount Academy. we will also get to see Melo face off against Oak Hill a longtime prep school power house. With more information to come on wither Lamelo Ball’s future HS games will be available on Facebook.


Lamelo Ball is going back to High School Video ↓↓↓

5 Comments on “Lamelo Ball is going back to High School?

  1. The Ohio school could also be SPIRE Institute, which has a basketball academy that has had some top recruits like Rocket Watts (class of 2019) and the 7’7″ high schooler Robert Bobroczky. This is more likely than St. Vincent-St. Mary because it would be focused on basketball instead of academics. However it’s impossible to know for sure.

    • Thank you for that bit of information, this does seem more likely. However, i was just speaking on the rumor i heard. Either way Ohio seems to be the location they have chosen.

      • Ok but you shouldn’t say “likely” in the article, or say it’s a “potential option.” That is going to mislead a lot of people, since there is no evidence of that

  2. And pump the brakes with the #1 draft pick thing. No one is a guaranteed lottery pick 2 years before their draft, especially when they’ve taken such an unconventional path.

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