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With the news that Lamelo Ball has taken his talents back to high school at Spire Prep Academy in Ohio, the JBA USA squad has lost their best player, but that does not mean this team is done yet. The JBA USA tour continues on November 8th at 2:30 PM eastern time against the Loughborough Riders of the NBL-D1 in Britain. This team is one that I think the JBA USA squad should easily take care of even without Lamelo and injured Jerrell Springer.

The JBA team should beat this team rather easily considering they just defeated the London Lions who are vastly superior to this team. In the NBL-D1 the Loughborough Riders score 81.5 points per game led by Lucien Christofis who scorers 12.3 a night. On the boards thy are led by Reis Pinnock who grabs 8.8 boards a game, and their best play-maker is Alex Roberts who dishes out 5.8 assists per game.

This game is the first test of how the JBA USA will play without Lamelo Ball to lead them and during this game many questions will be answered including who will play at point guard and who will pick up his slack in all areas of the game. This adjustment will not be an easy one for JBA USA who are used to having the best 17 year old point guard in the world.

Will Jordan Ray take Lamelo’s Place?

When any superstar leaves a team they need to immediately get someone in to take their place, over the course of this tour Jordan Ray has not seen much playing time but whenever hes played, he has shined. Ray is coming off of his best performance of the tour where he chipped in with 25 points, but now he may need to become something much greater for this team. Without Lamelo and with Jerrell Springer being out Ray is the best point guard on this team and he has an opportunity to step up and become a star if he can take it.

How Does Liangelo Play without Lamelo?

We’ve often heard about how Liangelo and Lamelo best play together, but now Lamelo is gone and Liangelo will have to lead this JBA USA squad by himself. Liangelo will have to prove that he can become more consistent hitting his shots and show he can distribute at a high level. He is now the best player on this team without Melo, its time for Gelo to show why so many people believe in him

What Will the Starting Lineup  Look Like?

Without both Lamelo and Jerrell Springer the starting lineup for JBA USA will look a lot different than we’ve seen in the past. In my opinion it will probably be Jordan Ray, Liangelo Ball, Deon Lyle, Curtis Hollis, and Melvin Davis, but we could see Calvin Brown in there or maybe even Harrison Reiger.

Whatever the case may be you will want to tune in to see how this JBA USA squad reacts to losing their best player and another star in Jerrell Springer and see how this team will look in the future. Game time is 2;30 PM eastern time on November 8th.

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