Invictus. A Latin word defined as “undefeated” or “unconquerable”. It’s been quite some time since a team has literally lived up to it’s name. TeamSoloMid and CounterLogicGaming (pronounced as: “Constantly Losing Games”) are the most notable examples of this phenomenon. After a scintillating performance, China’s Invictus Gaming joins the ranks of the greatest League of Legends teams to date. Despite losing the 2018 Chinese LPL Summer Finals to RoyalNeverGiveUp, they would bounce back at the World Finals ending the competition 14-3, with their only losses coming during the group stages against Fnatic, and in the quarter finals against Korean powerhouse KT Rolster. They would proceed to dominate the semi-finals and finals culminating in the fastest ever finals victory in a best of 5 game series against fellow group D rivals Fnatic who had a similar path to the final game. The two teams were joint winners of group D recording 5 victories out of a possible 6. Favorites, RoyalGiveUp would succumb to the might of G2 Esports, before the Spanish team is eventually culled by eventual victors, Invictus Gaming in a 3-0 clean sweep. Fnatic would experience similar results as the last of the European old guard triumphed against North American giants Cloud 9 to set up another meeting between Fnatic and Invictus, both of whom only lost group stage games to each other. Jungler “Ning” (Gao Zhen-Ning) was voted as the Worlds MVP as his intimidating jungle presence was a significant factor in the Chinese team’s ability to dominate lane and objective control. Top lane substitute “Duke” (Lee Hoseong) becomes the first player to win the Worlds Championship with two different teams, after his 2016 victory with Korean team SK Telecom T1. Despite a 4 year absence in the World Finals, China has returned with a vengeance, cementing themselves as the top performing region in the professional League Of Legends scene.


2018 LoL World Finals Infographic

A Statistical overview of the 2018 LoL Worlds Final

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