Springer is nursing an injury  (Bruised Ribs) that will likely see him miss time over the JBA’s next few games, with Springer out what can you expect out of JBA USA? Even more 3’s than they shoot now, the likely candidate to get playing time in his stead will by Jordan Ray who is finally back, full healthy and played his first real minutes since his injury July 24th. He delivered a huge 25 points for them in what was basically one half of basketball that he played for Je’Rell after the injury took place. Deon Lyle is likely to come in for Ray to give him a breather, he has yet to find his groove on this over seas tour.  Once he does find his groove he can get super-hot and light up this score board for JBA USA, much like he did against the JBA Western Conference All-Stars when he scored 51 in a losing effort, but walked away as Co All-Star Game MVP.


With a ton of wing depth, don’t expect JBA USA to miss a beat even if they are losing one of the best players in the JBA and future NBA player Je’Rell Springer for a few games. As well as losing Lamelo Ball to Spire Academy (Prep High School in Ohio) The JBA USA team have been tested many times during their international tour and after starting out sloppy the team has come together to win 9 straight games, which they look to make 10 regardless of who takes the court in the starting lineup. Jordan Ray is the most likely candidate to get big minutes as he has had 2 huge games for JBA USA both instances in which he played meaningful minutes and proved he isn’t phased the pressure, Deon Lyle should also the starting Nod and get major minutes given he produces. Expect JBA USA to take and make a whole bunch of 3’s going forward with three fearless snipers in Liangelo Ball Deon Lyle, and Jordan Ray staring alongside Curtis Hollis and Melvin Davis.

Their Next game is in in England Nov. 8th


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