JBA USA versus Hubo Limburg United Academy was a match that did not disappoint, with high flying dunks and huge threes in a big win for JBA USA taking the game by a score of 163-137. We even got to finally see some Harrison Reiger in this one with him scoring the final two points to put the cherry on the sundae. All in all this was a great game for JBA USA for reasons even bigger than the basketball game itself and I dive into the positives and negatives of the game here:

Positive: Big game for Gelo Ball and Curtis Hollis

The first positive in this game was the unbelievable performances by Liangelo Ball and Curtis Hollis, the former put up 47 points in the contest for JBA USA as well as grabbing eight boards and dishing out six dimes in the game. And for Curtis Hollis he was all over the floor scoring 41 points grabbing 7 boards as well as dishing out 3 assists and getting 4 steals.

Negative: We didn’t see a lot of A team Players

For Hubo Limburg United we expected to see the A squad but only got one guy from the A team in this game. Not that the JBA were playing against any slouches, Nathan Kuta is a bully at the five spot and gave Melvin Davis all sorts of trouble and Dieder is a true shooter for Limburg United as well. That being said there are six former division one players on their A team and today not even one was played against this JBA squad. They played the B side instead of the A again and missed out on really great competition because of it

Positive: Kanye West Makes and Appearance

Outside of the actual basketball one overwhelmingly positive thing to happen for the JBA today is the appearance of Kanye West at the game. With the possibility of Kanye West and Lavar Ball partnering is only going to o good things for the JBA league increasing its exposure and maybe even gaining a financial backer or owner of a team.

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Negative: Melvin Davis didn’t perform

Melvin Davis was flat out outplayed by Nathan Kuta today, to a point that we were seeing a lot more of Calvin Brown, who thankfully stepped up in a big way for JBA USA. Melvin Davis has to be better at stopping explosive players like Kuta who can get to the hoop with some force which today he struggled at giving up fouls and even and ones.

Positive: Some Rotation Players Were Given a Chance

despite some great performances by the usual players like Gelo, Melo, Curtis Hollis, and Jerrell Springer some the players outside the normal rotation were given a chance today. Dion Lyle got some good minutes and scored himself 9 points, Calvin Brown played some great defense to cover Melvin Davis’s poor performance and Reiger was freed scoring the final points for the USA squad.


All and all an extremely positive day for JBA USA and the JBA league itself with some great opportunities for the league seemingly on the horizon. Not only did they win by 26 points the league could have taken a big step forward.

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