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The JBA USA squad continues their international tour with their next game coming on 10/30 against Hubo Limburg United Academy on October 30th at 11am PST. Hubo Limburg Unitd carry six players from the U.S . The team averages 83.5 points per game, meaning they will have to speed up their play style a lot to keep up with the JBA team.

Their leading point scorer is 6’7″ Forward Dom Morris from the U.S who is averaging 14.5 points per game in the Belgium-Ethias League and played D-1 at Boston University. The leading rebounder is 6’9″ foot Forward/Center Kaliq Spicer who is from the U.S and attended college at Kent State. And their leading play maker is Kenny Barker who is a 6’3″ point guard from the U.S. averaging 4.8 assists per game who attended Alaska-Anch for college.

The United squad is currently 2-2 in the Belgium-Ethias League. The teams strength on the offensive end seems to be scoring the basketball efficiently, they average a FG% of over 60% and as a team shoot 32.4% from 3. On the defensive end of the floor they do a good job of protecting against the 3 ball allowing only 27.3% from long distance.

The JBA squad should continue to push the pace in this game because speed could prove to be a weakness for Limburg United but if Limburg can create quality looks for themselves it could mean trouble for JBA USA.

I expect this game to be very close and high scoring because the JBA will play fast and will force Limburg United to play fast as well. Limburg United have three players who average over ten PPG Dom Morris, Kaliq Spicer, and Tate Unruh .Dom Moris may be on Curtis Hollis in the game which could be a very interesting to watch. I expect the JBA to continue their win streak to seven games and win 125-110.


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