This is all speculation, however with recent meetings taken place during Lavar’s increasingly growing JBA International tour, I have reason to believe they didn’t just meet for a photo Opp. This could only mean one thing with Alan Foster having said in reply to the league growing over the next 5 years “more like 2-3 years we work fast here at Big Baller Brand”. Not even a full year has passed since the inception of the Junior Basketball Association, and already it seems there is something looming on the horizon for BBB.

Lavar Ball and Alan Foster launched the JBA this past summer, giving young athletes a way to forgo college and have an alternative route to get to the NBA. This caused waves throughout the basketball world and the NCAA as the NBA has announced the G-League will now give a similar path for young athletes. Lavar having done a great job in the first year in creating the Junior Basketball Association with plans to grow the leagues popularity and expand on the horizon is it possible Lavar is seeking outside investors with the intention to sell teams and franchise his league?  Kanye has been known to be an outside thinker and loves to break away from the system or what has been considered the norm. Will Kanye an Atlanta native decide to invest in the JBA and buy the Atlanta Ballers?

Cydel Young who is also seen in the picture above was at  previous JBA event, could all of them meeting only mean that they are discussing the future of the JBA? Will we see additional owners on the horizon for the JBA; here are other possible owners if Lavar is indeed planning to franchise. Could possibly be some of the very stars we have seen make appearances at the JBA throughout the season.

  • Ezekiel Elliot
  • Trae Young
  • Aqib Talib
  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
  • Cydel Young “CyHi” (In Picture seen above w/ Kanye and Lavar)

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